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Why Straight Couples Should Support Marriage Equality in Illinois

    How right is marriage equality? The fact that not all of the loving and consensually passionate couples out there aren't able to commit to one another. To put it simple: the legislation is outdated and needs to be revised. Thank goodness now, 9 states have legalized gay marriage so far. We at GetLusty think that's not enough.

    But new news! Marriage equality is getting closer with the upcoming vote on Illinois legislation that could make IL number 10! According to the Chicago Phoenix, though, "A coalition of lawmakers, activists and organizations backing a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois announced Thursday that despite intense efforts to pass the legislation in the lame duck session of the current General Assembly, a full vote on the bill may not happen." Activists in Springfield, including Anthony Martinez, Executive Director at The Civil Rights Agenda are still very hopeful. Again, according to the Chicago Phoenix, Anthony notes, “As I said before, legislation always meets bumps on the road; these things can turn on a dime.”

    We've noted before that we support marriage equality. And because we've seen this image in support of marriage equality floating around the interwebs (including on our Pinterest page), we thought we'd share. It explains why loving straight couples should support loving gay couples in their right for marriage. Through food! Do you believe in marriage equality, too? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Want to find and share our pin from Pinterest? Check out the pin from Pinterest here!

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