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Why Malala's Release is Truly Inspiring for Women Everywhere

    Disclaimer: This is a purely inspirational and feminism-focused article. Not sexualized in any way.

    Usually, we're only talking about sexual issues. But today, we wanted to report on the girl that has inspired us ladies around the world. Malala Yousufzai. Her name, forever imprinted on the history books of Pakistan and in our hearts. She's a voice for feminists--young and old--everywhere. You haven't heard of Malala?

    She fought for girls' education in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan. She went to school bravely after the Taliban threatened girls' education. Just three short months ago, she was shot in the head and shoulder point blank by a Taliban rebel (terrorist). Since, she was transported to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, for intense treatment

    Yesterday, Malala was released from the hospital to recover with her father and brothers. Malala was profiled as a TIME 'Person of the Year', for many reasons. To name a few, "She has become perhaps the world’s most admired children’s-rights advocate, all the more powerful for being a child herself," as noted in their article. Also, it's noted that she passes her courage onto others so eloquently.

    In a day of troubles, trauma and healing, it's so inspirational to see Malala recovering. Though she's just a girl (that we're not sexualizing right now--just to emphasize that), she represents what we women should be more of--fighters for the human rights of all.

    So today, we encourage you to consider several things. First, consider how lucky we are as an international community to have basic human rights (including, education). Or maybe not. Second, when something is wrong, let's have the courage to speak up for ourselves and others. Whether it be considering how you can help your community be more green, standing up for equality in marriage or other causes, do something! Make your life count.

    If there's nothing else Malala shows us, it's the courage to fight for a happy, inspiring life. Let her be an inspiration to you today. This is good news for women (and men) everywhere. Today, Malala made our day, and we hope she makes yours, too.
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