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    Sometimes as women, we feel like we can't get made love to rather than with. Why? Missionary is so awesome, but there isn't much leverage unless you change it up a little. Receiver-on-top positions offer more variety in sex. And they're tons of fun for both partners!

    How to get into it

    Here, the giver should scoot back onto the end of the bed. The receiver should then straddle their lovers body. Bend your knees and get into place on top of your lover. It won't be necessarily to actually hang off the bed or laying apparatus. But it's a bonus.

    Benefits for the giver 
    • By laying off the bed with your head hanging, it's a bloodrush. Some could really enjoy that. Others might find it a headache. However--either way--it will add adventure!
    • You're laid back 
    • You don't do much work in this position. Just sit back and enjoy the thrusts--slow and fast. Work into the movements.
    • In this position, you won't get much eye contact. That adds to the mystery of the position.
    • You're not making eye contact, so you could fantasize about other situations/ people if you'd like
    • Not into fantasy? Talk, moan and be encouraging. Again, turn-on central!
    • It lacks intimacy, but that's part of the turn-on of it. Sometimes more mad, wild sex is a turn-on.
    • You're not really in control of speed, so you likely won't cum as quickly. That orgasm build up will likely mean you'll have a bigger orgasm when you do cum.
    Benefits for the receiver
    • Like many receiver-on-top positions, the receiver controls the thrusting 
    • You'll be able to move quickly or slowly. Which is best for you? In this position, you can be your own researcher. What do you like best? Worst? Which angle is best?
    • Looking down on your partner, enjoy your control. Let that turn you on. 
    • Voice that you're turned on, and your lover may try to please you more. Though it'll be difficult in this position, it may be a big turn on. Your partner wants to make sex amazing for you. 
    • You're able to touch and caress your lover from all angles.
    • Want to lmake eye contact? Communicate! Give a few compliments. Turn-on central!
      Thanks to Cosmo for this recommendation. 
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