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Try This! Grind the Bench

    Many sex positions have one person more dominant than the other. It's seems that most love-making is happening to a person, when it should be a shared experience where the both of you can truly connect. Nothing adds more intimacy to your sexual experience than being able to look your partner in the eye. "Benched" brings the two of you eye-to-eye.

    How to get into it

    Firstly, you'll need a bench. Maybe you don't have a bench – improvise. Look around your home for anything that can work. You have to be able to straddle the table-esque object. Try the coffee table, a couple of ottomans or foot stools pushed together, or a workout bench. If your kitchen counter is big enough, try it out. Be safe though. If your bench is free-standing, you might push yourselves into a dangerous spot, or fall right off.

    Okay, once you have your bench – have seat. Both of you straddle your bench and pull each other close. One of you place your feet on the floor. You're the stability. Your partner grabs onto you and puts his/her feet up on the bench, behind you. The movement will come naturally, but the most important thing here is the intimacy. Look into your partner's eyes, gently kiss each other, become one.

    Benefits for the giver (feet on the ground)

    • Intimacy! Can't emphasize that enough
    • You get to sit down! You're not doing all the work in this position, so you'll be able to really enjoy yourself, and your partner
    • Your hands have more to explore with your partner sitting up
    • You can also rub your (or their) nipples with your free hands, while also staring into your partners' eyes
    • This is perfect access to see all the action (including inside and out motions)
    Benefits for the receiver

    • This is much better than a missionary-style position (though we love missionary), it's one where you both are on equal footing so to speak
    • You get to feel your partner's hands exploring your body
    • Here, you can enjoy the stimulation of grinding, as there aren't too many ranges of motion for this position
    • Not too many ranges of motion might seem limiting but not true! There are many varieties of grinding to try and enjoy! Because why not?
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