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Try This! Bedroom Salsa

    Why salsa? Have you ever moved your hips to a salsa song? That 8 shape with your hips, ladies? It can touch all the right spots, oh my. Try it today.

    Some time ago, you saw another great, woman-on-top position called the Hipster. Not to put this lightly--woman-on-top positions rock! They're so much fun. And though you might not have a G-spot orgasm, it's not all about the orgasm as you'll see. It's just plain awesome.

    How to get into it

    The giver is going to be positioned over the side of the bed. Make sure that your giver is centered, otherwise someone may just fall over. To ensure leverage (which you'll need), grab something. The receiver should grab the giver's legs or hips. Don't forget the lube and go forth!

    Benefits for the giver
    • Again, with receiver-on-top positions, you get the opportunity to see what your partner likes best
    • You're not in control, so your orgasm is going to be prolonged. Think that's a bad thing? Just wait for that titillating orgasm and you may be surprised. It'll be much more enjoyable to say the least!
    • You get to see your lover's ass bounce up and down 
    • Now at the perfect angle to check your partner out. Perfect time for compliments. Talking during sex can be very hot, indeed.
    • Want to be extra crowd-pleaser? (Communication first so it's not too surprising) Hunch over, lick your fingers and rub your lover's nipples gently.
    Benefits for the receiver
    • You're in control. You define how hard, fast, slow, deep, shallow or all-out wild and crazy the tempo is.
    • While you're in control, note how every angle works. Start to be your own sexual researcher and you'll start to gain more knowledge of what pleases you most. This, in turn, will be extremely useful knowledge to give to your partner!
    • This is another great workout for those quads!
    • You can make this position either not very intimate, where you face the other direction, or you can turn back ever-so-occasionally and look your partner in the eyes. 
    • Feel free to moan when something really pleases you to tell how much something pleases you. Voicing your feelings will make your lover want to work harder to please. This makes for more enriching sex!
    • Want to try something different? Have great balance? Bend forward to look at your puzzle pieces going in and out. Note how well you two fit together. But be careful if you're on the side of the bed. You may just fall off. Don't be afraid to laugh and start over if that happens. :-)
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