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Squirting 201: Learning how

    In the previous article about Squirting, we learned that female ejaculation is still as mystifying as ever. The truth is: yes, it is possible to squirt, but first let's talk you through the sensations of squirting versus coming. Knowing the difference is essential if you want to teach yourself this amazing technique. Marian Sanchez enlightens us a bit more on the elusive art of squirting.

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    Have you ever been totally grossed out by the public toilets available and told yourself you will just go once you get home? Have you found yourself doing a little dance, a little song, something, anything to keep you from realizing the sharpness of a full bladder? You are probably wondering what this has to do with what the title suggests. Well, that full bladder feeling is nearly the same as the pressure to ejaculate. You almost have to push a bit (think of a time you were too timid to pee and you had to force or push yourself to go) and once you push, the rush to go becomes exhilarating — so good it gives you goosebumps. You have to understand, coming is generally a gradual burn that builds in intensity until you are swept up and washed away with ecstasy. Squirting can develop in the same manner but the sensations are more livid, fiery and direct. In short, if an orgasm takes you high, squirting takes you forward.

    How I taught myself

My first experience with female ejaculation happened during a getaway with my husband. We weren't making squirting a goal, it just happened, and it was the most megaton-awesome sex experience ever. I didn't just come, I exploded with this wild range of expressions, none of which made sense because it was so mindbogglingly intense. After that experience, I had to endure it again.

    In time, I found that the maneuvering to squirt was quite similar to masturbating until orgasm. Certain parts of my body felt much more sensitive to my touch than others, so I would alternate where I'd place my hands on myself and how much pressure to use. When I felt eager enough to fixate on my goal (to squirt), I would focus on one side of my clit and rub generously. The sensation would build fast, and I would focus on not letting myself come. The sensation that would arise is similar to the urge to pee. I would focus on this urge, and with the electric feeling growing directly behind my clitoris (it feels white-hot and fiery), I would push with my hips, and boom! The immense pleasures of squirting continue as you expel, and afterwards, when you are gently falling back to earth, it is the most relaxing after-sex-moment ever.


Now, some women don't squirt a lot, others do. Depending on the position, you or your partner can witness it. What about the texture of female ejaculation? For me, I've noticed a squirt is a much thinner consistency of ejaculation and coming is usually a milkier thicker lubricant. It tends to vary from person to person. Sometimes you can tell by scent, other times by the sensation of your genitalia. When you are comfortable, you can introduce squirting to your partner. By your new found understanding of what pleases you, you can guide them to create magical electric endings to some of your favorite positions.

 I hope this article has been helpful. 
Cheers to beautiful sex!

    This article was fashioned by GetLusty writer Marian Sanchez. Marian has many passions, writing being the oldest for her. When she isn't working on articles for GetLusty, she's with her amazing family and her five-cat herd. She enjoys all kinds of movies and tv, spending time with wonderful friends, going to Chicago metal shows and finding humor in everyday life. She has a horrible habit of wanting to learn all kinds of new things and going to different places. When it comes to sex, Christina has a raunchy good mouth and an open mind (which pleases her husband immensely).
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