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Playing Dirty: 5 Simple, Naughty Games for the Bedroom

    Is there anyone who doesn't love games? Well, the good kind at least. Having fun is a second past time of ours that's close to our hearts. Having a fabulous relationship is all about games. So how about bringing sexy games into your bedroom? GetLusty writer Lynn Olejniczak is back with games for foreplay that we think you'll like. Want to spice it up tonight? Play one of these simple, fun games!

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    You deserve a bit of fun in your life. When we were kids, every day was fun; Big Wheels, board games, jump ropes, freeze tag (I liked freeze tag). As we got older the fun began to be replaced by stuff; finals, resumes, jobs, bills, dusting (I don’t like dusting). Uugh! I was so happy until that last sentence. So here at GetLusty, we want to help you bring the happy back by offering up some games you can enjoy with your playmate.

    Start choosing sides, and get your play time ready! Want ideas? Read on...

    #1 Naked Twister 

    Of course we will start here. The great thing about Twister is, and always has been that you don’t have to be naked to get close. That is why we all kept ours and suddenly “found” them again when we turned 15 or so. But to play it now you have to embrace the game, and the era from which you remember it.

    So put on your old CD’s, cassettes or albums from those days gone past. Buy some beer (yes, your ID is valid) and set it up! If you want to dress for the occasion; something slinky, something tight, the old football jersey or cheerleading sweater that will just add to the fun. But even if you choose not to dress the part, no worries, because you will probably won’t need those clothes anyway.

    #2 Strip poker

    Let me clarify this; it doesn’t have to be poker. It can be strip anything. Strip Uno, Strip Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Strip Battleship! Strip Monopoly would probably take a long time but paying rent on Park Place could be amazing! Make it a game you know and enjoy, don’t learn anything. This is fun, remember? Keep the articles of clothing to an agreed number; 6 or 7 is a good start. The winner? I suppose that depends, doesn’t it.

    #3 Off-site playtime

    You say, “Lynn, but I have kids. I can’t play strip poker in the dining room. That’s where the science fair project is being built.” I gotcha covered. The winner’s reward doesn’t have to be immediate. Sometimes the thrill is in the anticipation. Next time you do the family bowling afternoon, decide between the two of you what the winner gets later that night. So while the kids are just having a good time, you two are actually playing for something; she has to wear an outfit of his choosing, he has to use a toy on her, a favorite position, handcuffs, whatever the winner wants! I know a couple who play a lot of Scrabble at their house. The kids have no clue why they take it so seriously.

    #4 Dress up

    Role play is so much fun! Cowboys, bank robbers, princesses, nurses; you can buy a dress-up outfit for the bedroom anywhere. If you don’t live in an urban environment that happens to have fun stores that sell all these sexy clothes then explore the world of on-line shopping. Pick your outfits and get into character. Stay in character too, that is the fun part. You can do what you wish as the mechanic, and the movie star whose car is having issues under the hood so let it go!

    #5 Follow directions

    New to the whole game idea? It’s OK if you’re not sure where to start, or continue or even end. There are people who thought these things out for you. There is a world of sexy board games that are designed to be fun and bring you two together. Many are based on games you already know, such as a Jenga-esque game called Sex Stack, Naughty Bingo, or Monogomy (which you can actually buy on Amazon). So there is no excuse not to try.

    Fun and games, yes we all need more. The beauty of these though is that everyone wins. Yeah!!

    Lynn Olejniczak is a native Chicagoan who loves her city and everything it has to offer. She spent 10 years as a NASDAQ trader in  Chicago and New York in the 90's, then went back to college when "the rules changed and I realized no one was going to pay me lots of money to swear at them anymore."

    She loves good food, and a perfectly poured Guinness at any Irish pub in the city. Her Beastie Boys CDs rest comfortably next to her Misfits vinyl, and she believes Underground Garage is the best radio program known to humankind. Armed with degrees in History, and a love of Urban Planning, Lynn is currently writing and researching a book on the 80's Chicago bar scene. Get in touch with Lynn at
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