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Worst/Best DIY Christmas Gift Ever: Edible Beef Jerky Underwear

    Searching for gifts for my significant other at the last minute and I'm sure I'm not the only one, right? Maybe so. But either way, we must appreciate the thought that went into this item. Edible underwear. It can be, well, sugary. Sugary enough to give us ladies yeast infections. No, no. When all you want is to jazz up foreplay or make bathroom sex at your relatives' house a lot more fun? Well, how about these?! Edible underwear that's made of--wait for it--beef jerky!?

    Because the, "how exactly?!" is probably wandering through your mind like sugar plum fairies (we asked, too), goes through the whole process.

    Admittedly, if I was so inclined I'd probably opt for buying the meat, not dehydrating it. Though who knows, if you could find the hours to dehydrate the meat yourself, you'd probably feel pretty proud.

    And you may want to make yourself a matching pair (or two?). Where would you put the extra pair, anyway? The freezer? Your meat locker?
    Too lazy to make your own sassy, beefy edible underwear? Pre-made versions are also on sale at Etsy for around $140. But who'd want to eat these when they're so cute?

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