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Why Wives Need to Give Their Husbands More Sex?! (Infographic)

    Ladies, have you ever wondered why you should give your husband more sex? Yeah, we thought so. Because there's never enough reasons to give your hubby love, we thought we'd give a few more. Thank goodness--we were digging on Pinterest and we found an infographic describing the situation.

    So, in GetLusty for Couples fashion, we had to share it! Luckily, though, we didn't find an alternative for why husbands should give their wives sex. But not to worry--we're always on the lookout for making things more, ahem, equal! Check out the Pin from Pinterest here.

    And, do you like the title of this infographic, anyway? We think it's exaggeratedly bad. What would be a better title for this infographic? Feel free to comment below!

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