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Ladies! 5 Reasons You Should Masturbate

    Oh, that loving buzz. Today, we published a post on why he should masturbate. Heavenly Redheads noted that sometimes the man in our life isn't feeling sexy. He can't please us at that moment, but he'd love for us to get off. We women, too, should masturbate. Why? There are so many reasons besides simply having a wonderfully intense orgasm (which is a pretty big plus if you as us!). Check out even more reasons why ladies--you should get down their and please yourself. GetLusty for Couples co-founder and Chief Lust Officer Erica Grigg reports.

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    Sometimes ladies think, "Oh, I'm going to wait for my partner to please me." You're waiting for someone else to please you? Why wait when you can do it for yourself and have an amazing time doing it? Self love is one of the best ways to reward yourself. Why? You deserve it. Below are 5 reasons the lady in your life (or indeed--you, ladies) should be encouraged to masturbate.

    #1 It feels amazing

    Yes, it feels great. And there are so many varieties. You could watch some of our favorite feminist pornographers, reviewing (which I lovingly call the Pinterest of porn), read erotic stories, or just fantasize. Pleasuring yourself is one of the best ways to show yourself some love. And with the holiday season with the cheapest gift possible (it's free!)? Masturbation: it's the new black.

    #2 Delve into a world of fantasy

    Have you ever wondered, "What would really turn me on other than my normal sex routine?" You're not alone. I've been there, too. You have a fantasy and then you fulfill it and aren't sure where else to go from there.

    Masturbating can help you define (and re-define) your fantasies. I've often wondered, "What's my fantasy? I have no idea." When you pleasure yourself, you can start thinking about it. All by yourself or together with your lover. Not feeling like playing with yourself in bed all alone? Don't be afraid to grab your laptop for some sexy feminist porn. Afterward, you can tell your lover what you've learned in the process!

    #3 Alleviate stress

    Have you ever rolled over from an amazing orgasm? All of that tension releases with a sigh, and now your laying there, breathing deeply, melting. A body full of relaxation and calm. It's a no-brainer that orgasms can be used to achieve ultimate relaxation. But did you know there's a stress management plan that includes having orgasms? Yes. You, too, could have less stress? Just cum!

    #4 Relieve pain

    In pain? How about some pleasure to help heal? Of many of their miraculous powers, orgasms can relieve pain. According to a study by Beverly Whipple, professor emeritus at Rutgers University and a famed sexologist and author, when women masturbated and reached orgasm, “the pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly by 74.6 percent and 106.7 percent respectively.”

    #5 Learn what works best 

    Achieving an orgasm yourself teaches you about your vagina. Want to turn yourself on in different ways? You have the best feedback loop, so it just makes sense for you to try out new and tried-and-true techniques on yourself.

    Not sure how to pleasure yourself to the point of clitoral orgasm? We highly recommend Lelo vibrators. They're fabulous, USB-chargable and long-lasting.

    Pleasuring yourselves doesn't only enhance your individual sex life, ladies. By exploring your own bodies and personal sensuality, you are enhancing your over-all sexuality. This will have a wonderful affect on the sexual relationship you share with your partner, so go play!

    This is a post by Erica Grigg, our Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, social entrepreneur and sex geek. She wants to end boring sex. 

    If you don't see Erica riding around downtown, Chicago in her beach cruiser or at a diner with her adoring husband, you see her chatting up the tech community about the importance of sex and love in marriage. Follow Erica on Twitter @ericagrigg or subscribe via Facebook and Google+.

    Want to connect about writing, or business partnership with a woman-run business that cares? E-mail me directly at
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