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Does Cum Cure Morning Sickness?

    Many of our lusty readers are either thinking about conception or are in the process. There are so many ways to maximize your experience during pregnancy. For example, how about a more sensual pregnancy? And we all sometimes need to be reminded of useful kegel exercises. But what about cum? Is this actually true that semen cures morning sickness? GetLusty writer Marian Sanchez reports.

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    According to Gordon Gallup, a psychology professor at the University of Albany-SUNY, there is a cure for morning sickness and its... Semen! But before you let your partner make a blowjob joke, or you roll your eyes, read this. Gallup's study interests include evolution and behavior, biology of interpersonal attractions and semen chemistry and behavior. He has published over 250 articles and has appeared in a few documentaries, one being The Science of Sex Appeal (2009).

    His research findings? When a woman become pregnant, her body interprets her partners' semen like a virus which makes us ladies sick to our stomaches. (His alternative theory states it's not the food that is the problem, it's the foreign matter growing in your womb.) Gallup says to prevent further morning sickness, pregnant women should consume the baby's father's semen to help lessen the effects of an early pregnancy. Why? Because it will help inoculate the mother to better adjust to her pregnancy.

    In short, the father of your child started this pregnancy with your help and now he can ease you're suffering if you are willing to swallow. Deep throat blowjob, anyone? Don't swallow that cucumber just yet. (Or, do. If you're passionate, deep throats are amazing!) Earlier this year, Jezebel noted that writer Tracy Clark-Flory talked with no other than Gordon Gallup himself. And Gallup seemed to all but retract his semen-indused findings (noting they were largely correlational). Dear, me!

    My personal take:

    My pregnancy was fairly normal. When it came to oral sex, I had a difficult time being the giver during my first trimester due to exhaustion, vomiting (yes, morning sickness), work and school. At one point on a romantic trip with my husband, I even retched on him after the taste of his pre-cum hit my tongue. Kind of seems ironic that the thing that's supposed to make you feel better has such a reaction.

    Once my life settled into the second trimester, sex became fun again. I noticed on occasions when giving my husband a blowjob, the taste of his ejaculation no longer twisted my insides and its unique flavor became enjoyable once more. However, even after reading up on Dr. Gordon Gallup, I can't say with any absolute certainty my morning sickness was completely abolished after every blowjob I gave simply because I never kept a sex or pregnancy journal. I was too busy being in the moment to take the time to write out my thoughts.

    What about you? I am curious to know if any pregnant (past or current) ladies can remark on this topic! Did you give oral and did it settle your stomach?

    This article was fashioned by GetLusty writer Marian Sanchez. Marian has many passions, writing being the oldest for her. When she isn't working on articles for GetLusty, she's with her amazing family and her five-cat herd. She enjoys all kinds of movies and TV, spending time with wonderful friends, going to Chicago metal shows and finding humor in everyday life. She has a horrible habit of wanting to learn all kinds of new things and going to different places. When it comes to sex, Marian has a raunchy good mouth and an open mind (which pleases her husband immensely).
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