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Couples! 7 Hot Holiday Activities for Christmas Week

    Who can believe Christmas week is here in full swing?! What better time for holiday-themed happiness than right now? Don't let the romance slip away during these next few months. Instead, rev up your love life this holiday season with these seven sexy and romantic tips that will surely heat you up! Who needs a Snuggie when Sandra Koellmann is here with even sexier ways to heat up your love life? Read on and find out more!

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    #1 Holiday lights in the bedroom

    Those strands of little lights don’t have to just be for holiday decorating in the family room. Try using some lights in the bedroom! Put them on the headboard and foot board of the bed or wrap them around the bed frame. Try mounting them on the ceiling or stringing them up around the dresser. No matter where you hang them, they will create some romantic mood lighting.

    #2 Hide and seek

    Generally, we’re either the person who hides the surprise or we’re the person who finds the surprise. Be spontaneous this holiday season! Instead of hiding or seeking gifts, play hide & seek with each other. Here’s how it works: one of you hides in a room of the house where you would like to have sex. Once the other person finds you, they get to pick a sex position they would like to try. One person gets to pick “where” and the other person gets to pick “how”... it’s a win for both of you! Be even more adventurous and try it at night with the lights off.

    #3 Dinner party for two 

    During the holidays we generally focus on parties with family, friends, and co-workers. This year, try having a party for just the two of you! You can shop for dinner together, and you can cook dinner together. Heck, you can even feed each other dinner! 

    You can even try decorating the dinner table and dining area together. Afterwards, make sure to do the dishes together. Dipping your hands together in warm, sudsy water can be stimulating. Have fun with it! But do the dishes later. They can wait until after you’ve had dessert in bed!

    #4 Picnic by the fireplace

    Who says picnics are for summer days at the park? Try bringing that picnic indoors this winter. Take that warm blanket you usually bundle up with when watching TV and throw it down in front of a warm fireplace. If you think dinner by candlelight is romantic, wait until you’ve had dinner by the fireplace! And don’t forget to roast marshmallows for dessert.

    #5 Peppermint foot massage

    A massage that smells as good as it feels! This gives new meaning to the words “aromatherapy” and “couples massage”. Find a nice foot massage creme that is infused with peppermint oil and lie down on a bed or couch.

    Each of your heads will be at opposite ends. Your feet should be facing towards the other person’s head. Massage each others feet at the same time. It’s as simple as that. This is a great way to relax together!

    Alternatively, try it while watching your favorite movie or even your home movies! You don't necessarily need to face your partner. You could give each other a massage one at a time. Do you have video or pictures together? You haven't seen those in a while!

    #6 Naked ho ho home cooking

    This Christmas, surprise your partner by cooking his or her favorite meal. Add a little extra surprise by wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a holiday apron. And make sure you’re wearing a bow under that apron because, at some point, the apron will come off! You can even decorate yourself and the table with mistletoe. And don’t forget to hang some of that mistletoe over the bedroom door and bed!

    #7 The $5 shopping spree 

    Expectations about the gifts our partner will get us, can some times be a bit high. To relieve some of the pressure try this. Go to your local Dollar Store together and only take $5 each. Give yourselves 30 min or less to shop. And remember - it’s the thought that counts! The rules: each of you pick out four gifts for the other person (silly, sensual, sincere, sexy and sentimental). 

    Avoid going down the same aisle at the same time, avoid paying at the same register. Keep your gifts a secret until you unwrap them together at home. Feel free to exchange gifts alone in the bedroom before you go to sleep. Then, take turns exchanging one gift at a time until all four gifts have been given. Be sure to tell your partner what made you choose the gift. This gift-giving time together can be very intimate. You’ll laugh together and maybe even cry together. But most of all, you’ll love together. 

    These activities are a great way to connect with your partner this holiday season. Just be sure to re-connect as often as you can after the New Year. Remember, the couple who plays together, stays together!

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    Sandra Koellmann is a Sexuality Educator in the San Diego, CA area. She earned her B.A. degree in Human Development Counseling Services with an emphasis in Human Sexuality from California State University San Marcos. She is a graduate of the National Sexuality Resource Center Summer Institute at San Francisco State University. Sandra also completed the SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring) program at The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

    Sandra has worked with the Hope & Wellness Center through Student Health and Counseling Services at CSUSM as an “Ask the Sexperts” lecture presenter. She also worked as a behavioral science teaching assistant at CSUSM helping students develop projects that explored sexual health and sex education. Sandra was also a volunteer with the LGBTQA Pride Center at CSUSM.
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