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5 Ways to Feel Sexier in 5 Minutes

    The holiday season can get us feeling, well, unsexy. Until it's New Year's Eve and then you'll be ready to take on the world. So over these next few days and beyond, we thought you could use some ideas on feeling your best. And by best, we mean sexiest! GetLusty writer Lynn Olejnicza is back with tride-and-true ideas she swears on for feeling super sexy--no matter what's happening.

    * * *

    Are we there yet? Decorations, gifts, (bills), parties, (hangovers), returns, work, and oh! I feel like I gained 10lbs. Lovely.

    If this holiday season has you dragging you are in good company. But we know we can’t stay this way forever. So if holiday over-load has you feeling over-whelmed here are some tips to get that groove back when you need it.

    #1 Fantasize

    One of the most important sex organs is between your ears, use it. Find a space, no matter how small. For example, an office with the door locked, bathroom on another floor of your building, your car, your closet, where ever you can take five minutes of uninterrupted, solitude and let your mind go. Pull that fantasy (you know the one) out of the far reaches of your imagination and explore it.

    Who cares if it is unrealistic? Who cares if it is really out there? That’s what fantasies are for. Take a few extra moments and feel the good parts; the thrill of being watched, the special position you love, that sexy costume, those shoes! Now leave that quiet space at the height of excitement. Rejoin the world but keep those thoughts alive in your head as you go. Yes, it may be slightly difficult to walk to the train, and there might be an extra something to your strut as you rejoin the others but sometimes that little thrill is just what we need to get us through.

    #2 Watch feminist porn

    There are more free porn sites out there than bad renditions of “White Christmas”. We at GetLusty have a few recommendations if you need them so there is no excuse. Even if you are not an aficionado of internet porn, it won’t be hard to find some snippets to get your motor going again. Quick tip: Titles and descriptions are pretty spot on. Obviously don’t be doing this on your office computer. That’s what smartphones are for. If you are home and trying to get in the mood before your partner comes back just make sure your virus software is up to date (unless you're using a Mac).

    You say porn isn’t your thing? No worries, it doesn’t have to be. But watch a few frames (check out sexy pictures), or find a couple of pictures that meet your desires. I bet your heart will be beating just a little bit faster.

    #3 Get naked

    It goes without saying to keep this one for the home front. Taking it all off, and then doing the mundane around the house is a neat thrill. I don’t mean vacuum or pay your bills but drop the robe, and go make yourself a drink. If you are trying to get your spirits up before going out, save getting dressed for last. Put on your make-up, shave, fix your hair, put on your heels and turn up the music all in the buff. Feel good in your skin, remember how sexy you can feel, see how sexy you are. You will be smiling in no time!

    #4 Get back in touch

    Masturbation is a great way to feel sexy again. You know what feels right. You know how to get your mind in that wonderful place; go there! Whether it is with your favorite toy, a musky lube or just what Mother Nature gave you: go for it! It might not take you more like 6 and 1/2 minutes, but hey--that extra few minutes is very worth it!

    #5 Get it on

    OK, saved the most obvious for last: have a quickie. But do it somewhere different if you can; the kitchen, the coffee table, your car, against the bathroom mirror. Make it feel thrilling. Make it feel exciting. Make it feel like you have people waiting for you in your living room (maybe you do). Do it fast and passionate, maybe not even saying a word to each other. Sex feels sexier when it feels risqué.

    Feeling sexy in the wake of the holidays will help bring you back to, well, you! Someone that I’m guessing you put on the back-burner while you shopped, cooked, and traveled all for the sake of family and togetherness. Time’s Up! You’re off the hook. Feeling good about feeling good is one of the best gifts you can give to you.

    Happy Holidays!

    Lynn Olejniczak is a native Chicagoan who loves her city and everything it has to offer. She spent 10 years as a NASDAQ trader in Chicago and New York in the 90's, then went back to college when "the rules changed and I realized no one was going to pay me lots of money to swear at them anymore."

    She loves good food, and a perfectly poured Guinness at any Irish pub in the city. Her Beastie Boys CDs rest comfortably next to her Misfits vinyl, and she believes Underground Garage is the best radio program known to humankind. Armed with degrees in History, and a love of Urban Planning, Lynn is currently writing and researching a book on the 80's Chicago bar scene. Get in touch with Lynn at
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