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16 Sexy & Adorable Christmas Tumblr Pics You Must See Now (NSFW)

    Christmas! We all can't believe it's already that time of year, again! So while we're in the middle of fixing bugs and switching over to our new website, we thought giving some adorable, sexy and sweet Tumblr pictures would do well for you--our readers!

    Plus, we love Tumblr. We're tumbling more lately on GetLusty's Tumblr page. Our favorite pictures of the day. After reviewing our Tumblr feed, we saw some pretty lovely pictures. Erotic, hot, sexy and festive at the same time! So we thought in true GetLusty for Couples fashion--we'd share!

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    Sparking is so much fun!

     Is that really Santa?

    Say hello to the lights!

    Hm. Sounds good to me!

    All I want for Christmas... Is YOU!

    Just adorable.

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Like we said on Twitter, oral sex is the best last-minute Christmas gift idea -- ever!

    Aww... Can you feel the love?

    Doubly awww!

    Hey. Just because Christmas gets crazy doesn't mean it isn't fun.

    Shut up and kiss me you fool!

    Christmas tree!

    Oh, Mrs. Klaus! So patient!

    Just give me you.

    Bootytful Christmas? Oh yes, we did.

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