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Want Better Sex? Sleep! 5 Tips to Sleep Blissfully

    When you find yourself only getting six or less hours of sleep, not only does your sex life suffer. You also have a higher chance of becoming obese, a heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. We have already explained 5 sexual benefits that you'l receive from gaining more sleep. Now, here are five things you can do to get to sleep faster leading to those numerous sexual benefits! GetLusty staff writer Lora Swarts reports.

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    #1 Turn off electronics

    Television and computers are both stimulants. According to the National Sleep Foundation, "doing work, watching TV and using the computer both close to bedtime and especially in the bedroom, hinders quality sleep." News or violent television shows can be agitating. Also, because your eyes associate light to sunshine, staring into a bright TV can confuse your body and prevent the sleepiness hormone, melatonin from being released.

    The rule is that your bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime. Use this time to connect to your partner in bed.

    #2 Eat three hours before bed

    Eating a large meal or snack before bed may make us feel sleepy, but it won't help once we lie down. When you lie down your digestion slows, making you feel uncomfortable and possibly unable to fall asleep. Eating three hours before bedtime and eating no more than 600 calories will help you fall asleep fast. Also, limit your fat intake in the evening because fat is another instigator in lack of sleep.

    #3 Limit alcohol consumption

    Alcohol is a stimulate. Having a glass of red wine at night is heart healthy, but having a bottle before bed will keep you awake for hours. A common misconception is that red wine makes us sleepy. But in reality, booze delays the onset of and shortens REM sleep. Sure red and white wine have melatonin. But that sleep inducing hormone is offset by the alcohol and its interference with REM sleep. So, have a glass with dinner and then move on to decaffeinated tea.

    #4 Meditate

    Meditation or doing some light yoga by candlelight will help your head hit the pillow quicker. While meditating, sit upright in a comfortable seat or lay in bed on your back. Focus on breathing exercises. As you inhale, count to 10. Then as you exhale countdown from 10. Do this to soothing non-lyrical music, or in silence. Focusing on your breath will help you reach a calm, meditative state and you will be asleep in no time! If yoga is more your style, take 10 minutes to relax in passive, restorative poses, like reclined supta baddha konasana. Lie on your back, draw the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to fall open to the side. Breathe here for a few minutes allowing your hips to open up and letting your day go. Yoga Journal is full of many more restorative poses that will help you reach nirvana in no time!

    #5 Have a routine 

    Routines are pivotal in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fun fact: It can take a month for someone to break or start a new habit. Having a nighttime routine is essential for getting the right amount of sleep and therefore having a fresh start the next day.  Begin to wind down a few hours before bed by drinking some tea, reading, take a bath, meditating or having sex! Keep this routine for a month until it becomes second nature.

    Lora is a GetLusty staff writer and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring Chicago via bicycle, or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend in their north side apartment. She has a habit of spending too much money on soy lattes and yoga clothes. Find her on Twitter @HoneyNutLo. Have any questions? Email her at!

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