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Try This! The Lusty Missionary

    We've talked before about making the missionary mind blowing. Now let's go through one of the positions called out in that article. Ladies, you'll have to be somewhat flexible to enjoy this position. Feel free to stretch your glutes before and after.


    How to get into it

    While on your back, bring your knees to your chest and have your partner enter you. Move your calves to rest onto his/her shoulders and have him/her brace himself with his hands by your side. This position is great for your partner to run the show and leaves you open for deliciously deep penetration. Fun fact for this position: it is awesome for anal too!

    Benefits for the giver
    • If you love missionary, you'll love this position
    • You get to look into your lover's eyes 
    • Enjoy all of the flexibility. If your lover can stretch one leg so high, try to think of other positions that will stretch both of your sexual limits! Don't forget to check out our ultimate, mini anal guide for couples.
    • You'll enjoy a deep penetration
    Benefits for the receiver
    • Show off your flexibility; you're hot!
    • You can grab your partner's beautiful ass and pull him/her into you
    • You partner can go so much deeper now
    • Is the pace slow with deep pauses? Feel free to stimulate your clitoris, and show how you love it to be touched
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