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Try This! The Busy Cowgirl

    New morning sex position, anyone? We created this one ourselves because we loved it so much. Why? Woman-on-top positions are pretty awesome. Want other woman-on-top ideas? Check out the hipster or hidden dragon.

    How to get into it

    First, get on top of your giver and straddle. Be liberal with the lubricant. As Megan Andelloux says, "You can't have too much lube." So getting on top of your giver in the traditional cowgirl position. Once it's inside, you can then lean back and enjoy!

    Benefits for the giver
    • You thought you were in heaven when you guys met. Little did you know your partner's such a rockstar in bed! You're not in control now. Enjoy that!
    • Tell that sexy vixen "you're so hot" during sex and you'll unlock a world of potential!
    • Want a little more leverage? Bend your knees up or grind your pelvis against your partner's ass/hips.
    • Does your lover like it harder or deeper? Grab your partner's hips or butt and to guide deeper. Enjoy that moan of lust!
    • Have spare hands? Lick them and gently stimulate nipples for pleasure!
    • Your receiver's not facing you, so if you'd like you can close your eyes and intensify your pleasure. 
    Benefits for the receiver 
    • You're on top now. Glide your hips around at your preferred speed. Like it slow, deep, hard or fast? Get on it!
    • While you're working hard, don't forget to tell your giver "you're amazing". How much you love it. Your lover will really enjoy that and will work harder to please you with it during the process!
    • This position also works into a position where you can put your legs straight. It feels very much like a pilates position and also gets g-spot stimulation (at least for me personally. It may not work for you as every vagina is different). 
    • Want to work into the traditional cowgirl? That's one quick move and you're there!
    • This is a great workout for your shoulders!
    Ideas about other positions? Do e-mail us directly at
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