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The "Lesbian Fuck Club" Reviewed

    No, no, no. Not that club. Think, "Fight Club". Then think about the total opposite! After our top 30 feminist porn sites, we got some porno love. Last week, Filly Films, an all lesbian-adult films studio, sent us some wonderful porn. Can you imagine our faces when getting porn delivered to the office? We were like kids in a candy store! So excited we had to break open the packaging and check them out. You know--for research sake. We also have 3 videos for our viewers so stay tuned to that! GetLusty's Cherries Jubaliee reports.

    * * *

    First rule of Fuck Club: no men. And with this hot GOGA film by Filly Films, who needs men?  We have Lily Cade starring in and directing a hot stable of women to an orgasm-filled flick that is definitely Spank Bank material for me.  If by the end you are not masterbating along with the hot multi-girl orgy I think you may be dead.

    The set up for Lesbian Fuck Club is reasonable for fans to buy into the idea.  We know most porn is not known for its plots. The introduction to the Fuck Club has hot girls that appeal to nearly any type of fantasy asking to be included in the roster and the only thing they have to do is fuck.  They don't act like virgins once the veteran club girls take them aside in individual vignettes of great Girl On Girl Action.  There were multiple oral and finger penetrating orgasms within the first ten minutes.  Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings got me hooked immediately with some "girl next door...please show me what I was missing" make out sessions.

    Round Two had Taliah Mac and Annabelle Lee having body spasming orgasms.  There were not a lot of porn star oohs and ahs in this movie folks.  I know girls can fake it, but NOT in this movie.  These girls were real people with only a few fake nails and natural boobs.  Round Three was for those of you who like a little challenge or a bit more of a "dirty girl' scenario with Annika Amora and Tracy Sweet showing you how flexible they can be in a packing crate.

    My favorite section was Lily Cade, Ashlynn Leigh, and Peper Kester having a three-way with strap-ons in Round Four.  There was some Alpha bitch going on here and I really enjoyed it.  This side story was the last grouping before the grand finale that was all the sexy girls in over 45 minutes of licking, sucking, pussy slapping, fingering, ass licking, orgy.  I really couldn't tell how many girls were all involved because they were bent over the couch, sprawled on the carpet, trading partners.  It was like watching hot, wet, sexy eels.  Clothing and shoes were tossed and lost in the athletic escapade and Lily Cade was breathless just like I was at the end of the show.

    I enjoyed this film not only because there were hot girls fucking each other in it, but the orgasms were real.  The sound quality was good, but not the over dubbed of many porns.  It was the real noises that the girls were making and the breathing and the giggling and the fun that sex should be.  If you are using it for masterbatory material it does take a little while to get into so I suggest wanking to the orgy scene unless you want the intimacy of the individual rounds of Fuck Club.  The DVD extras include trailers and still slideshow and are interesting to watch as well with some "behind the scenes."

    I think if you are not used to watching porn with your partner that this is a great one to start with, harmless sexy fun with none of the usual, "my penis is larger" comparison since this was all Girl On Girl Action.  Those who are bi-curious will be interested because the girls are sweet and sexy and then you are introduced to a little more serious sessions later in the film.  It was a good progression of material and the scenes were just long enough to get you going without being too monotonous.  Filly Films knocked this one out of the park, and I want to know where I can find my own...Lesbian Fuck Club.

    Ms. CherriesJubalie is a unique Burlesque performance artist and active member of the Chicago Leather Community.  She is a sex-positive educator and travels the country to present at local and national lifestyle events, art shows, and charity balls.  A sex-positive enigma, she has appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent where censors determined her "ass is too dangerous for Prime Time TV."  She has appeared in independent films such as Dracula's Orgy of the Damned and the soon to be released Dark Realm, and is a featured performer on's HogTied.  An internationally known Shibari Rope Artist and fetish model, you can see her in Germany's Bondage Magazine and on the cover of books like Sacred Kink. She is a new contributor to and we look forward to more of her unique perspectives on sexuality. E-mail her at
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