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The Empire Brings Sexy Back: a Burlesque Review

    Just when you thought our references to Star Wars were over. We reviewed Star Wars XXX: a Porn Parady and haven't. Stopped. Thinking about Star Wars that is. Thankfully, GetLusty's Shannon Andrews Ray is here with a review of a burlesque production in our very own Chicago that will tempt all Star Wars lovers and haters alike. If the Star Wars Burlesque page doesn't do it enough (it's not even human), you'll have to make it to this show!

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    Just when you think it was safe to fly your Millennium Falcon and sport your latest Princess Leia hairdo, Gorilla Tango brings the Force (and sexy back) along with some great campy humor and amazing tassel work in "The Empire Brings Sexy Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel".

    As usual, the cast of ladies bring a real sense of the old burlesque world to the modern era with a bit of vaudeville hijinx thrown in; no punch line was left unpunched, no pun left unpunned, no tassel left untwirled. The cast even added a forward with a George Lucas "look-a-like" (if Lucas even wore short shorts and t-strap heels) who was adding a pair Mickey Mouse ears to the R2D2, reflecting the recent purchase of franchise by Disney.

    Stand out performances by Gorilla Tango Burlesque regular Diva LaVida as Celebrity Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. LaVida as Fett can only be described as sleek and sexy with a pair of pasties that would make even the most die-hard rebel fighter stand at full attention. Another stand out was, and to me a total rock star, was Bonnie Cupcakes (Lando Calrissian).

    As a fellow "big girl", Cupcakes was a breath of fresh air in the "Land of Clouds", and was smoother than a Colt 45 as Calrissian. She took the stage like pro and got one of the biggest and most positive reactions I've ever heard at a Gorilla performance. It's even prompted me to look into taking burlesque dancing lessons!

    So, for all you fanboys & girls who just can't get enough of Yoda and Luke in the swamp. Or maybe you've always wondered what Princess Leia really wore under her snow suit on the ice-planet of Hoth, I highly recommend Gorilla Tango's, "The Empire Brings Sexy Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel". It's performing November 3rd - December 29th on Saturdays at 10:30 pm. Tickets are $20 each; 18 and over only. Tickets sell out quick! So make sure to purchase your tickets in advance at, or contact the Gorilla Tango Box Office at 773-598-4549.

    Where, you ask? Why at their convenient Bucktown location of course! Check out their details below.

    Shannon Andrews-Ray has been interested and active around sex blogging for years. She loves talking, thinking about and researching sex. So, of course, she's the perfect GetLusty writer!

    “I was raised by a tribe of drag queens. They taught me how to be fierce with a pen and lip-gloss,” often jokes writer Shannon Andrews-Ray. Having dated both sexes for nearly 15 years, Shannon gives an ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ spin on the often hilarious mating habits of both men and women, through her various incarnations of her dating columns. “Love’s Frosting” is her most recent tumble. Want to get in touch? Get in touch at
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