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Kiss Your Best! Try These 4 Tips

    Kissing is wonderful foreplay! Kissing is the most common and publicly acceptable way for a couple to express their passion for one another. Whether you're 16 and going to see a movie with someone from school or married for 25 years and with kids, smooching never seems to get old. In this article, Dr. Megan Stubbs offers some advice on the benifits of kissing and making your next kiss the best one possible. Read on!

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    In our culture, kisses play an important role in our younger years. We are told about how our “first kiss” should be and we come up with all kinds of crazy ways to get them. Spin the bottle anyone?

    It’s OK if your first kiss wasn’t great! Not all first kisses are great. How was yours? Was it mind blowing, or were you so nervous that you thought you were going to throw up? Either way, it was a learning experience for you and now you know what you like or don’t like. There will be more, trust me, both good and bad.

    Kissing comes with many health benefits too:

    Over 30 facial muscles are involved in making a kiss happen. Using these muscles can help keep your cheeks tight and in perfect pucker shape.

    Looking to burn some calories? While kissing, you can burn up to 3 calories per minute. I know its menial, but it is still a win-win.

    Stressed out? Try kissing. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, is released when you kiss and can help aid in calming you down as well as reaffirm your romantic attachment to your partner.

    Some suggestions to make your next kiss unforgettable:

    #1 Use a breath mint first

    So, maybe this isn't always an issue. But sometimes bad breath can kill a kissing moment. Make sure you have good breath. Bad breath could hint to your partner that you are bad with oral hygiene, so make sure you’re freshly brushed or throw a mint in.

    #2 Tongue first? No, no!

    Don’t go in tongue first! Start with light kisses that just barely brush your partner’s lips. Once things have progressed, feel free to increase the intensity of your kiss. Pretend you’re licking an ice cream cone for a guide to the right pace; slowly and sensuously.

    #3 Try opening your eyes

    Go ahead and take peek! We’ve all heard the rule “no eyes open during kissing” and its time to throw that out. Don’t worry that it might be weird because of your face placement; open your eyes during your kiss to make a special connection with your partner.

    #4 Explore the map

    Explore the map. No one said kisses are limited to the lips alone. Take a journey around your partner’s body with kisses. Some often overlooked erotic areas are behind the ear, elbow creases, behind the knee, and feet. Try different areas and find out where your partner’s special zones are. They could surprise you!

    So whether you cheek kiss, air kiss, kiss someone’s hand, Eskimo kiss, blow kisses, sign kisses, or just eat them, they’re an easy way to show someone your affection. And when it comes to sex, everything is OK here. Also, mark your calendars. International Kissing Day is July 6th!

    Cross-posted with permission from SexologistMegan.

    Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Grand Rapids-based Sexologist. She holds a doctor of education in Human Sexuality from San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a degree in Biology from Grand Valley State University. She is also Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists (ACS).

    Dr. Megan is a firm believer that knowledge is power and that comprehensive sex education is not only valuable to budding teens, but to all of society. This Sexologist strives to break down the societal norms that sex is still a taboo subject and wants to normalize the conversation. She wants to empower everyone into taking control and respecting their sexuality. Megan is monthly contributor to the number one night-time radio show in West Michigan, Holmes and the Freakshow on 104.5 WSNX and also appears bi-weekly on a morning talk show, Take Five & Company on WZZM 13. Follow her on Twitter @sexologistmegan and 'Like' Megan on Facebook.
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