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Inflating Anal Toys: 4 Reasons You Should Try Them

    Desire a more fulfilling anal experience? There's more out there than regular ol' butt plugs. Frances Denzel provides us with four benefits of using an inflatable butt plug instead of a regular butt plug. Bottoms up!

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    “My girlfriend said our sex life was getting dull, and I should try to think outside the box. So I stuck it her up her arse.” Yes, this is a joke, but there is some truth hidden between the lines… Anal exploration is often the final frontier of erotic playtime and an attempt at making the sex life more exciting.

    Inflatable anal toys are one of those mysterious adult products associated with fetishism, and often considered too “hardcore” for many people. In my experience, more people will reach for a large butt plug over an expandable one. Are back-door inflatables really worth the hype or is this a novelty you should leave on the shelf? I personally think they are a wonderful invention worth consideration. This is why:

    #1 Less Strain on the Sphincter Muscles 

    The anus is a sphincter made for exiting, not entering. Deep inside the rectum are nerve endings that enhance sexual enjoyment, and tapping into this potential with a larger plug feels better, ultimately creating a conflict between safety and enjoyment. The inflating plug inserts with the same girth as a “medium” sized plug, expanding into a “large” plug once inside, saving your sensitive sphincter. If the plug is too large it’s very easy to tear the delicate tissue surrounding the opening. As a side note, some people like using desensitizing anal lube which, personally, I don’t think is a good idea. This is because if the area is numb it creates the possibility of tissue damage, which doesn't make for a pleasant trip to the doctor’s office. An expanding plug can give you girth without the painful entry.

    #2 More Even (and Better) Internal Pressure

    One of the top benefits of anal toys is adding pressure around the rectum and rubbing sensitive nerve endings, enhancing sexual pleasure. Inflating a balloon inside allows the expanding latex to ease into every crevasse, shaping itself specifically to caress every internal detail. All this occurs evenly as you squeeze the hand bulb, maximizing the space of contact for the most “full” feeling possible.

    #3 Maximizes Comfort during Intercourse & Sex Toy Use

    Another reason adults purchase butt plugs is to wear them during sex. Amplifying every thrust, the larger the plug the more sensation you’ll feel as the vaginal canal becomes tighter. The inflatable plug is very soft, concaving inward with each advancing thrust of the penis (or vibrator), effectively preventing any stiff pinch or uncomfortable poke. A disadvantage of a large solid plug is they can’t accommodate movement, pushing on the body and increasing the possibility of discomfort.

    #4 Silent vibration

    Most inflatables also vibrate. I find myself easily distracted by loud buzzing noises, certainly I’m not the only person with this sentiment, and many sex toys are crazy-loud. The motor in an inflatable is contained inside the solid core of the plug. When the balloon is inflated, the noise is well absorbed by the hollow latex bubble making this one of the most silent sex toys ever.

    It’s easy to understand how an expanding plug can seem intimidating with squeeze bulbs, wires, and cords all hanging from the base, but remember you don’t need to inflate the entire 3 inch girth. Even if you only give it a few pumps with the bulb, the difference in sensation between this style and a standard plug is very interesting, and a superb way to “try something out of the box”.

    Check out the toys Frances is talking about and see for yourself at

    Cross posted with permission from Sunny Megatron's Blog.

    This was a guest post from Frances Denzel that originally appeared at Frances writes erotic advice columns helping couples share in one of the best parts of being human – enjoying great sex. She promotes a healthy love life through guidance and education with a humorous twist.
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