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Eat Me! Dinner at the Y

    At GetLusty, we love cunnilingus. What better we to talk about eating than Thanksgiving? You can never pay too much attention to the vagina or to cunnilingus. Eating at the Y has never been so sexy.

    How to get into it

    You can transition into the position from the Pussy Scarf, and vice versa. Angles might be a bit of a problem in this position. So after Thanksgiving dinner is finished, clear the table. Have your lover lie down on the table (bed, chair; there are so many alternatives). Pull up a chair and dig in!

    Benefits for the giver
    • If sitting on a chair or even kneeling over a bed, you're in a pretty comfortable position
    • You can caress your partner's legs, which will put less pressure on holding them up
    • You can also lick your fingers and gently squeeze their nipples for added pleasure
    • Do they like anal? After well lubricating your finger (ensuring they know what you're up to) insert a finger in their ass
    • Are they not a big fan of ass play? Insert a finger in their vagina
    • Here, you have a great view of all reactions
    Benefits for the receiver
    • You're getting a nice stretch, which encourages flexibility
    • The angle provides good leverage for movement and grinding
    • Your hands are free to grab hair and rub your lover's face in it
    • Here, the orgasm will likely be harder to have--but this also means when you have it, it'll be all the more fabulous! Enjoy!
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