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Black Friday: 4 Reasons to Buy Sex Toys Instead

    Though it's Thanksgiving, I'm sure you're already thinking about Black Friday. It's the time of year where we Americans get out there and shop until we drop. It's rather crazy across the country; where shoppers have been known to trample across stores. But sex toy shops--online and off--aren't known for being packed-to-the-brim with fellow shoppers. Not only that, but do you really need (want) a newer television? Or would you like to try a different orgasm this Christmas? At GetLusty, we'd say try the new orgasm. For this and more, check out GetLusty's Traci Saiz on several more reasons to go sex toy shopping this Black Friday. In Chicago? Get your free vibrator this Black Friday.

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    Without ado, the reasons why you should buy sex toys instead (or at least in addition) this Black Friday.

    #1 Variety! Let’s mix it up!

    Introducing toys into the bedroom can be fun, sexy, and exciting! Toys can enhance your arousal and your performance. Using a vibrator in just the right spot will get any woman ready to go. The same goes for men, grab a vibrator and use it on him for some effortlessly hot foreplay. Go to your nearest sex shop and see just how fun it can be. Toys are a great way to mix it up and add some variety. Talk about foreplay; tease her, tease him, get things hot and steamy with a little extra help. Buy a toy or two and stay in all weekend. Explore something new, surprise your partner, and seize the moment. So grab a toy and get to it!

    The seasons are changing so why not get ready for the long cold winter by heating things up at home. Sex toys are great to add a little something extra. Not feeling it or too tired? Grab your toy, instant turn on for you both. Engage or watch! Sex toys are great for those times when one partner “wants to” and the other partner just isn’t in the mood. It allows the partner who feels like sexual pleasure the option of having it while adding the aid of a sex toy to the mix.

    #2 Curious? So are we!

    You’ve wanted to try something new but are hesitant and not sure where to start. Well now is your chance. Grab that special someone and hit the nearest sex shop! There are tons of different toys to choose from; cock rings, dildos, nipple clamps, whips, you name it, and they’ve got it. Anything you can think of to just try out, why not? You never know just how much fun you could have. Toys are much more than just the bachelor/bachelorette novelty gift. Vibrators and dildos don’t have to be big and scary, many are small and discreet.

    Cock rings are fun for both parties! Just have your man slip one on and you both can enjoy the extra pleasure. A strap-on can open a new door for both of you---new sensations as well as a new role to play. Not sure how? Check out our 10 steps to awesome pegging. Let’s not forget one of my favorites—vibrating panties! Sure, they’re not your “typical” toy, but they are definitely a lot of fun! Feeling frisky and know you are going to be out on the town? Slip into these sexy buzz operated beauties and hand the remote over to your partner. They get to control how much and when you get that little extra buzz going. Talk about foreplay! This is an instant turn on for both of you and brings out your exhibitionist side. You will both enjoy the secret kink while going about your day or night.

    Ladies, feel free to ask for a vibrator in that toy shop (do you have a Hitachi yet!?). When you get a yearning for some hanky panky give it a try. Be sure to text your partner so they can also enjoy your secret pleasure. The thought of using your little friend will get them riled up and you will both be ready for some action when you get home. Better yet, ask if your partner has a certain curiosity they would like to explore. There are anal kits and lubes, for example, that will help ease you and your partner into trying something a little more adventurous than the simple missionary position. (But if you want to make missionary mind blowing, you can always do that, too!)

    #3 You really benefit

    Bringing toys into the bedroom (or wherever you choose to get it on) will also enhance your health and communication while you’re at it. Yes, sex and those lovely toys are great for your body. Sex toys promote good health through all those amazing orgasms you will have.

    Orgasms release stress and tension, and those endorphins are sure to put you in the best of moods. Having orgasms are healthy and fun! Have fun, get kinky and adventurous. Go ahead! Let those endorphins do the rest.

    #4 Talk more about what you want

    When was the last time you talked about what you really wanted in bed? Buying sex toys together can be a wonderful experience. It's not just for 'dirty' couples and won't replace your partner.

    Shopping for a toy together allows you to be more open and start a conversation about what turns you both on. What better way to have sex than to do it no-holds bar! Communicate what you your interests are. Pick up a toy you’ve wanted to try, or one that just seems appealing. Toys can be the gateway to fulfilling all of each other’s fantasies!

    We hope whatever you do that you'll have a fabulous time this Thanksgiving. Remember, we have plenty of ideas on making this Thanksgiving less stressful and more loving. And even cute ideas on how to make Thanksgiving a little sexier!

    Speaking of sex toys... Help end boring sex and enter to win a LELO Tiani 2 courtesy of SheVibe. What do you need to do? Just 'Like' GetLusty on Facebook by December 1st! Have you followed us on Twitter yet? We're @getlusty there. We're also on Pinterest and Tumblr, too!

    Traci Saiz is a Southern California native but a Chicago girl at heart. She has a B.A. in Marketing and mentors on the side. She is a sports fanatic, a fun-seeking traveler, and passionate in nature especially when it comes to sex. She believes sex is a key element in a relationship and it doesn’t have to be “movie” sex but it has to be fun! She is not afraid to bare her dirty secrets (actually she doesn’t seem to have any). This gal is definitely not shy and loves to discuss relationships and sex with anyone and everyone! Follow Traci on twitter @TraciAlaina or find her on Pinterest.
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