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Be a Sexy Vixen. Learn It From Bettie Page!

    Bettie Page is one of most famous models in history, but her fame is due to more than just a hot body. Today, she serves as an icon and muse for many worldwide. Before the sexual revolution even started, she was exploring the world of erotic film, photography, bondage and BDSM. GetLusty for Couples' Ms. Cherries Jubalie talks a little about a personal heroine and how we could all use a little Bettie Page to spice up our sex lives.

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    A Little History of the Queen of Pin Up

    Bettie Page was the ultimate pin-up girl of the 1950’s.  Her unique personality and good looks graced the covers of many magazines and provided generations of photographers and artists with inspiration.  Her creativity and open sexuality was a blend of innocence and naughtiness, which took her to the pinnacle of modeling fame.  Her work with photography clubs allowed both professional and amateur photographers the chance to develop their skills and provided amazing work for pin-up fans. 

    She began modeling traditionally for stores and catalogues, but her pin-up shoots and Burlesque-style roles pushed the limits on sexual taboos of the time period.  She was "Miss January" in 1955 for Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner told the Associated Press, "I think that she was a remarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture who influenced sexuality, taste in fashion, someone who had a tremendous impact on our society."

    Eventually her kinky bondage and spanking photos and films with photographer Irving Klaw and his partner, led to a Congressional investigation into obscenity charges.  In 1957 she left modeling at the top of her career and pretty much disappeared.

    Page converted to evangelical Christianity in 1959 and went to work for Billy Graham. In her later years she battled with a bout of depression, violent mood swings, and spent several years in a psychiatric hospital. 


    In the 1980’s and 90’s there was a resurgence of interest in what happened to Bettie Page and she was rediscovered living a so-called “normal” life.  She valued her privacy and eschewed public attention, even pretending not to know who “Bettie Page” was.  Artists, such as Olivia, and countless models were inspired to promote her iconography with powerful tributes in all forms, even comic books.

    With little of the original photography surviving the aftermath of the Congressional hearings, the pictures that you see today are inferior copies.  Still, Bettie Page’s transcendent, powerful beauty comes through.  She has been the inspiration for films, fashion trends, art, fetishists, and the fantasies of all genders and generations.  Once crowned "Miss Pin-Up Girl of the World", Bettie Page is an iconic legend, and we strive to embody her spirit and sexual power.

    What it takes to be Bettie

    As a model, she was creative.  In many instances, Bettie Page sewed her own bikinis and costumes.  She collaborated with her photographers and brought energy to the shoot.  Whether she was jumping around on a beach or tied up, being spanked with a hair brush, Bettie brought a positive, open sexuality.  What you see is what you get.  Bettie was real.  She held little back and just enjoyed what she was doing.  After the shoots she enjoyed staying in the moment. 

    Don Baida photographed Bettie Page when he attended photography clubs in Florida.  He is one of the few photographers who still holds original negatives from his shoots with Bettie, and recently donated prints to the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago.  Don regularly pulls out a photo from his wallet when talking about his real-life experience shooting the Pin-Up Queen, and hands over a snapshot of himself with Bettie in the backseat of her friend’s car after one of the club shoots.

    Currently still shooting pin-up and Fetish photography, Don finds comparisons in today’s models.  Bettie’s vitality and pure sexy spirit is hard to find sometimes, but occasionally he comes across similar energy.  He has complemented a few models on how close they came to Bettie Page’s personality on film.  What Don looks for and explains to models is that it is all in their attitude and knowledge of themselves: “Bettie had a sweetness and vibrancy on film because she enjoyed herself.”

    Don suggests to his current models that knowing your body is the most important thing after bringing a good, fun attitude.  “Sit in front of a mirror and look at your face and body and find your good angles.”  Bettie Page was comfortable in her skin, but also knew what looked good on camera and worked with the photographers.  “She took direction, but mostly it just flowed naturally,” Don said.  “That natural beauty just came across on film.”

    So even if you are just taking a sexy snapshot to text to your partner, your attitude and energy will come through on your picture.  Bettie Page’s trademarked bangs and make up may make you look like a Pin-Up Queen, but the real beauty is being comfortable in your skin and knowing your own sexuality.  This energy will transcend the camera and help you be more like the legendary Bettie Page!

    For more information and gallery on Bettie Page, visit the official website,

    Ms. Cherries Jubalie is a unique Burlesque performance artist and active member of the Chicago Leather Community.  She is a sex-positive educator presenting and performing at lifestyle events, art shows, charity events, and clubs nationwide. She has appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent where censors determined her "ass is too dangerous for Prime Time TV."  She is a featured performer on's HogTied and appeared in several independent horror films.  Ms. CherriesJubalie is also an internationally known Shibari Rope Artist and fetish model, you can see her in Germany's Bondage Magazine and on the cover art of numerous books and novels of the BDSM and Erotic genres.
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