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An Ode to the Vagina

    How many of us out there truly know our vaginas on a personal basis? Do you know where the word vagina originally stems from or why Brazilian waxing may not be so great for us down there? Tia Champagne is here to shed some light on your vagina in this very informative, fun and entertaining article! Maybe it will inspire you to get to know your vagina.

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    Oh, the lovely petunia. Or at least that’s what I call it. You might know it as the vagina, cunt, pussy, pizza pocket, or “ the privates.” It doesn’t matter what you call it—it matters what you define it as and how you feel about it.

    So for beginners, the vagina actually comes from the Latin root that means “sheath for a sword.” Direct? Sure. Appealing? Maybe not. So I challenge you to name your vagina and allow this article to help you get acquainted with that beauty between your legs. For those of you who are men, you can learn a little bit about vaginal appreciation because vaginas deserve a whole lot of love!

    One size fits all

    For starters, the vagina is about three to four inches long. Considering a baby can fit through there, it is important to remember that it can expand twice its size.

    I can confidently say that one vagina fits all (maybe not at the same time). So for all you well-endowed individuals out there, there is hope where there is vagina.

    A word on hair 

    Now some ladies like it when it's completely bare down there. We recently heard from Notsosecret's Alyssa Rose about how she relishes her hairless vagina. If you want to get rid of your hair, we totally support you.

    If you don't--we think that's great, too. The hair around the vagina is there for a few reasons. No, it is not because the vagina should be hidden or because she is shy. It might not make much of an appearance in modern porn, but if you check out the Playboy magazines from the eighties, it was wild and demanded attention. Women were proud to reveal it instead of heading to salons to remove it.

    Times have changed and so has vaginal styling. However, its purposes haven’t changed and continue to benefit that sensitive area. The hair is there as a barrier to protect it from germs and bacteria, to capture pheromones as a signal to potential mates, and to represent the female body as physically ready for procreation.

    Practice makes perfect

    Now, if you’re not ready to necessarily procreate, have a fun and safe time practicing! The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and is solely used for pleasure. For the men reading this, do not get offended if your partner plays with herself during intercourse.

    70% of women do not orgasm solely from intercourse. Shocking? Maybe. But faking an orgasm tends to be a lot easier for women than actually having one. That’s why it is important to know at least a little bit about the vagina—for both men and women.

    The vagina exists to be used—not abused. I do not consider it precious, delicate, or gentle. From taking a pounding from a dick to birthing a child, the vagina is anything but fragile. It is strong, intricate, complicated, and quite intriguing. It has sexual, physical, and evolutionary purposes. It is where life begins and more importantly, where orgasms occur. It is the heart of a woman’s sexual soul. Learn it, touch it, love it.

    Call her Tia. She's a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During her college career, she was part of a volunteer group called the Sexual Health Peers where she bonded with like-minded, sex-positive people from various backgrounds and orientations. She has taught workshops on STDs, birth control, safe sex, and relationships. It was one of the highlights of her college career and allowed her to get involved in Planned Parenthood of Illinois in Action. She was a Campaign Organizer who stood for the reproductive rights of women in Illinois.
    As a third-wave feminist, she currently works in the makeup industry promoting what she believes in: women should feel and be as beautiful as they want to without scrutiny. She believes in teaching factual and healthy outlooks on sex and relationships as a way to create a sex-positive culture where future generations can thrive. Connect with her at
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