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9 Must Haves for Thanksgiving Weekend Marathon Sex

    This entire week is all about overdoing it. So how about having some marathon sex!? GetLusty sex geek Bethany Kibblesmith is here to talk about marathon sex with all your extra free time you'll likely acquire over this holiday season. Disclaimer: If you're feeling woozy, please stop. Drink some water. Always consult your physician before starting a new diet or exercise program. Don't do something silly and sue GetLusty. Marathon sex can be fatal (no, seriously), so please listen to your bodies.

    * * *

    There has never been a better time to try marathon sex. What do I mean by marathon sex? What we're talking about is a sex session that lasts for between 2-8 hours. Sex broken up with little breaks? Yes. Foreplay, sex, tantra and general pleasure throughout this period. Yup, that's marathon sex.

    To those bold enough to have embarked on a carnal marathon or two, this may seem like a whole lot of common sense with a few surprises. It is. To others, it might strike as a practical list for the naughty, if not irritatingly elusive, urban sex safari. It’s that too. And to those who’ve never considered giving over an entire day to fornication... Well, I hope after reading you’ll reconsider!

    How to make marathon sex amazong. 

    #1 Time, Time, Time

    You thought you could get away with just having marathon sex and skipping the sex marathon? Nope. This list is for serious contenders. You’ll need at least 24 hours. Uninterrupted. I know it’s a lot to ask, but for the fullest, most transformational, and pleasantly exhausting experience, you’ll need to:
    • Commit to no outside obligations for the day. I mean none. The UPS guy will come back tomorrow. Remember: You’re trying to cast a spell here.
    • If you have them, shunt the kids off for a day-n-night. Fib innocently about your plans.
    • Turn off your phones. Off. Not vibrate.
    • No computers or televisions either. Unless you’re exploring mutually beneficial porn. Or having a little movie break (gun for something at least a touch hot-blooded) to catch your breath and replenish your reserves. Avoid the news. And sports. Unless it's fetish territory for both of you.
    #2 Supplies

    In short, be prepared. Imagine what you would need to camp for a weekend. Then spice it up and subtract the tent. Or don’t. It could be fun pretending you’re shagging under the stars, even if you’re just rolling around on carpet instead of moaning into the wilderness.

    If you’ve found yourselves in a hotel due to domestic circumstance, enviable privilege, or a rare splurge, you may have to prepare both a bit more and a bit less, i.e., interruptions for room service are not as jarring as a call from a bellyaching co-worker, but forgetting a goodly supply of lube could be tragic away from home.

    So, without further ado, here’s the supplies you and your lover should gather prior:

    #3 Food

    Seem silly? It won’t after you’ve done it for the umpteenth time and desperately need to get your strength back up. However: stay away from lots of fats and carbs. They’ll make you sluggish. What you need are natural sugars and hydrating foods (berries, bananas, avocados, melons). Things that are easy to digest. Sexy foods: chocolate, oysters, almonds (a symbol of fertility), fancy cheeses. You get the picture.

    #4 Water and potent potables

    Lots and lots (and lots) of water. Especially if you’re indulging in alcohol. I’m not suggesting you get totally wasted (and I am suggesting you be with someone you trust implicitly). However, if you do imbibe, a nice buzz will lower inhibitions and get the ball rolling. Need I remind you champagne is the drink of lovers, of celebrations? Why not try one of the purported aphrodisiacal drinks: white rum, white port, green chartreuse, the notorious absinthe?

    But: drink that water! Nothing can halt your marathon like a pounding headache, a mini-hangover, or dehydration down there. Plus, if you’re doing it right, you’re gonna be thirsty.

    It also wouldn’t hurt to restock your coffee supply or have an energy drink or two knocking around the refrigerator. There are tons of natural energy drinks these days, if you’re looking to avoid the artificial sweetener/chemical swill trap. Look for those chock full of marathon boosters: ginseng, B-vitamins, yerba mate, zinc.

    #5 Shelter

    Whether you’re in an apartment, your house, a hotel, motel, or even a RV, this is your sacred space for the next 24 hours. Lock the doors. Draw the shades. And...tidy. Seriously. Hopefully you won’t have to do this if you’ve sprung for a home away from home, but in your own digs, cleanliness - or at least the rousing illusion of it - is key. I'm not saying break out the mop and rubber gloves (unless that turns you on) and commence a top-to-bottom clean-a-thon. That can be a stressor in itself!

    Though washing the dishes may not sound very sexy, it can be! Doing it pre-marathon can assure the fullest possible relaxation when you get down to business. Ditto to fresh sheets, clean towels, sweet-smelling lounge wear, unsullied lingerie. Don't relax too much yet, though; there's more.

    While the following supplies/atmospherics aren’t intrinsic to your marathon, some of you will find they go far in enhancing the vibe of your mini-den of iniquity. They may also aid in planting certain sultry seeds that bear fruit down the line.

    #6 Mood Lighting

    This could be the perfect opportunity to surprise install that dimmer you’ve been talking about for months. Or stick a couple pink bulbs in the lamps. Now is the perfect time to pull out all your candles! I know they follow mood lighting, but here’s your opportunity to play with scent. Try erotic scents like jasmine and patchouli (there’s a reason it was once popular), or romantic ones like rose.

    #7 Bubble bath and snazzy soaps

    The bathroom is an excellent place to feel wonderful! These could well enhance your experience of cleaning yourselves (much more on that in the next installment!) or each other. Plus, slipping against one another in a frothy bath can be both relaxing and stimulating.

    #8 Outfits

    You likely have a few items. Anything that makes you feel sexy--inside and out. Picking out a few striking, smutty, or downright sexy ensembles beforehand. And more intricate garb if you’re going to indulge in role play. It can prevent killing the mood by fumbling through drawers, or squinting in the dimness of your brand new mood lighting.

    #9 Music

    Why not spend an afternoon before your marathon making a playlist of the tunes that get your blood pumping? What kind of music makes you want to move that way? What sort has that effect on your partner? It’ll also work double-time to get both of you excited for the upcoming event.

    Since this is becoming a marathon article (fitting), stay tuned for the next installment where we’ll deal with #3-#7: hygiene, variety, mid-marathon fatigue, absolutely essential supplies and troubleshooting. In the meantime, gather the goods and circle a date on the calendar!

    This is a post by Bethany Kibblesmith. She's passionate about keeping it sexy inside and outside the bedroom in her own relationship and in yours.

    Bethany is twenty-two and an English major. When she isn't scrambling finish homework, she's with her boyfriend, reading, doing yoga or cooking. She enjoys the finer things in life like, secondhand clothes, warm showers, and socks without holes. She writes plays when she isn't writing for school of GetLusty. And if you meet her she will, without question, make a sex joke at some point. Email her at if you have any questions!
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