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8 Herbs and Vitamins to Make Sex Explosive

    As we age, it is natural for our libido to drop and our testosterone and estrogen hormones to decrease. With a healthy regime full of exercise, communication, sleep, and limited alcohol and tobacco, we can reverse this effect. Its time to start filling up your grocery cart with these vitamin rich foods and herbs to rev up your sex life. Don't forget it's Naked November and having a healthy diet can help you feel sexier naked!

    Disclaimer: Please talk to your physician before deciding to add any vitamins or herbs into your diet especially if you are diabetic, breast feeding, taking medications, or recently had surgery.

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    #1 Iron

    Lack of sleep can greatly affect your sex life. A missing sex life can be attributed to fatigue, lack of exercise, poor diet, and low iron. Low iron, also know as anemia, can be link to feeling tired, weak and worn out. Meat, fish, cereals, dark leafy greens, and shellfish will provide you with iron as well as a daily vitamin supplement.

    #2 Zinc

    According to Livestrong, In an Australian study published in the "Asian Journal of Andrology" in 2009, researchers investigated the effect of zinc on 458 subfertile men. The team found that zinc deficiency leads to gonadal dysfunction and decreased testicular weight and can deplete levels of testosterone.

    Zinc plays a crucial part in sexual development. Why? Men require zinc to create sperm. Find zinc in one of our favorite aphrodisiacs: oysters. Zinc is also found in eggs, beans, nuts and whole grains.

    #3 Vitamin C

    Vitamin C helps in strengthening blood vessel walls and helps the synthesis of hormones essential for sex. Vitamin C also helps prevents colds and improves your immune system. Eat lots of citrus fruits, kiwi and peppers for some much needed Vitamin C!

    #4 Vitamin E  

    Vitamin E is referred to as the "sex vitamin" because it has been said to help in the production of sex hormones, which aids in attraction, desire and mood. This vitamin can also be used locally in the woman's vagina as a lubricant to help increase their experience and rehydrate tissue.

    Be careful, though, if using latex condoms and oil based lubricants as it could reduce the effectiveness of the condom. For women: Poke a vitamin capsule with a pin and apply to your vagina several times a week to help increase sensation! Find Vitamin E in capsule form, or get it from foods like wheat germ, green vegetables and surprisingly, margarine.

    #5 Ginseng

    Ginseng can increase blood flow through a man's lower extremity and increase a female's desire, performance, energy and orgasm.

    Ginseng affects the dopamine system which researchers believe trigger the sex drive. Men and women have been reportedly to feel more in the mood after taking ginseng supplements and being more excitable. Ginseng is not recommended if you are breast feeding due to the estrogen like effects.

    #6 Maca 

    Maca, also known as, Peruvian Ginseng, grows in the high altitude regions of Peru. According to Discovery Health, Maca is Peru's Natural Viagra." Maca is said to improve lust and orgasm in both men and women. It is also used to improve one's strength, energy, stamina and libido. This is a non-toxic herb that anyone can take for improved sexual vibrancy. Certain health food stores sell this in supplement form.

    #7 Horny Goat Weed

    As the name suggest, Horny Goat Weed is a dark, leafy plant has been attributed to boost your libido! In men specifically, this herb has been found to correct erectile dysfunction. This herb can be taken in tea form with no known side effects. However, this herb is inconsistent in its commercial production, so you can get a bad batch that won't do anything for you.

    #8 L-Arginine 

    L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been called a Viagra substitute for men and women! It increases the amount of blood flow to your sex organs. For the man, he will get a longer and stronger erection. For the woman, this can aid in increased stimulation. There is an herbal pill form of L-Arginine which is common among males.

    Before deciding to add vitamins or herbs to your diet, do more research! We found much information about these from Discovery Health. As your physician and do research to see if the ingredients found in these herbs could cause negative reactions. Have other specific problems? Do e-mail us at!

    Lora is a GetLusty Staff Writer and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring Chicago via bicycle, or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend in their north side apartment. She has a habit of spending too much money on soy lattes and yoga clothes. Find her on Twitter @HoneyNutLo. Have any questions, email her at
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