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6 Things You May Not Know About Tantra

    What comes to most of our minds when "Tantra" is mentioned is mind-blowing, never-ending orgasms. That is definitely one of the objectives for today's busy couple. (Think: breathing exercises that bring you closer in around an hour.) We sometimes forget that Tantra is also a religious and meditation ritual. Well, our favorite Sacred and Sensual Teachers are here to offer their extensive knowledgeable on Tantra. Drs. Janelle Alex and Rob Alex offer insight for those wanting deeper insight into this sacred practice.

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    When you hear the word “Tantra” you very likely are going to think about learning different ways to enhance your sex life. Holy cow, if you practice Tantra with your lover, the two of you are going to have orgasms out of this world! Maybe, maybe not.

    Yes, there are great breathing techniques, special positions, hand positions (mudras) and special ceremonies to enhance your sex life and your orgasms, but that is not what Tantra is all about. If you open your heart and your soul, you will find that Tantric practices are just one way to help you gain access to the Divine; a higher purpose. So, here are six things you very likely did not know about this ancient practice and its true functions.

    #1 It's about better sex -- and much more!

    The original goal of practicing the Tantric principals was to achieve spiritual growth and self-realization. The main purpose is transcendence and enlightenment. Hinduism and Buddhism teaches that attaining enlightenment is what will break samsara (the continual cycle of birth, death, rebirth – a constant wandering – a continual journey of searching). Therefore, Tantric practices, which include sexual practices, are a path to enlightenment – a path to break the perpetual cycle.

    #2 It's a blend of masculine and feminine energy

    We all have masculine and feminine energy within each of us no matter what our physical sex is. Therefore, blending the masculine and feminine within a physically intimate encounter does not necessarily have to be a heterosexual experience.

    In Tantra, Shiva and Shakti represent the masculine and the feminine and the merging of the two within each of us individually as well within our loving relationships. This blending is an attempt to reach bliss and a connection to Self. Sexual activities are only one piece of this blending.

    #3 The body is energy

    The body is not simply a conduit for the flow of energy, but is actually energy itself. Down to your tiniest cell, your teensiest neuron, you are actually energy. Tantra has, what I consider, a metaphysical view in regards to energy and the body. The belief is that energy has consciousness and therefore, the body (all of the body) has consciousness as well. The body and the mind are not separate pieces, but are integrated aspects of the whole.

    #4 Tantra integrates spirit and desire

    The body is to be honored and adored. It is not, as some traditions teach, a sinful aspect of life and it is not a distraction from spiritual development. It actually offers a doorway, a portal, to access the Divine. Lovemaking is not the only way the body can open a portal, but it is one way. Tantra suggests that lovemaking truly is the playfulness and adjusted experience of bliss as a couple enjoy blending the masculine and the feminine. Your desires, your love, and your spiritual life should be integrated – not held with a great degree of separation.
    #5 Tantric practitioners believe in deities

    It is believed that during meditation and other tantric practices, including sexual activities, that the practitioners can feel deities near them. These particular Gods and Goddesses are still moving along their spiritual path as well. Even though they are not yet ascended masters (those who have achieved self-realization/become enlightened and are serving humanity) they are a gateway to the original creative source.

    #6 Tantra creates a safe and sacred space

    Creating a safe and sacred space, such as a sacred circle, and requesting friendship and protection from beings in the subtle dimension (similar to Earth, but more ethereal) is important within Tantric practices. There are unpleasant beings within that dimension and it is important to request only light beings surround you and to request their protection.

    We're so excited to get a couple writing for GetLusty! They're both adorable, smart and altogether wonderful!

    Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. and Rob Alex, M.Sc. are writers, counselors as well as Sacred and Sensual Teachers. They recently completed an eBook on "Sexy Challenges: Sacret and Sensual Experiences for Lovers" which is on sale at Amazon! Learn more about them on Sexy Challenges.
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