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5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful & More Loving

    It's hard to feel sexy when you're overcome with anger for family and friends during the holiday season. We've been there. And we're here to help. Get lusty; get communicating and have more love and less chaos! Thanksgiving is a time of coming together with loved ones to give thanks for all you have, but we all know how chaotic the holiday can be. To avoid arguments with your partner and your drunk relatives, GetLusty for Couples' Jason Estrada brings you some loving advice for keeping the peace this Thanksgiving.

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    When I think of Thanksgiving, a lot of wonderful memories come to mind, but so do some really bad ones. There's always a drunken argument over politics, or passive-aggressive stares from the people doing the dishes aimed at those falling asleep on the couch. The whole point of Thanksgiving is to convene as a loving family and to be grateful. Be grateful for your loved ones, not just in your toast, but throughout the entire day.

    #1 Stay calm and prepare

    To all the lusty couples out there hosting their family's Thanksgiving dinner - good luck. Hosting this holiday can be pure chaos, from morning to night. To make it less of a logistical nightmare, make sure you have everything you need before Thursday. Running to the store for that last minute ingredient can be a traumatic experience, so make a checklist and go over it before the stores close on Wednesday night. Now, stereotypically it's the woman who does all the work while the man paces around like a lost puppy. To both genders - lets not buy into those kind of roles. It doesn't matter who takes charge. Team work is key. If someone isn't helping, gently ask them in a kind way.

    Start your day right and wake up in a positive state of mind. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are waking up next to the person you love, and look foward to sharing a great day with each other. Before the running around starts, cuddle and give thanks for being a part of each other's life.

    #2 Spend some quality time

    Some of us have never really paid too much attention to how much preparation goes into hosting such an event, mostly because we're not in any position to host one ourselves. Don't hold a grudge against all those singles at your dinner who are not being considerate of the strain you're experiencing. It's just gonna keep you in a bad mood for the whole night. Also, don't feel like you can't ask them for help. 

    If you're asking your guests to bring a dish, be specific and be sure they know how many to cook for. If you tell three of your cousins to bring a vegetable side dish, you might end up with three salads. 

    Take time to mingle with your friends and family. Even if there is a mountain of dishes dirtying up your sink, it's important that you enjoy your own holiday event. Go play cards with your cousins, check in on the game, or have a lengthy conversation with your grandparents or aunts and uncles. You don't get to see some of these people very often, so make sure you actually spend some quality time with them.

    #3 Keep everyone busy

    You don't have to personally entertain everyone. The football fans have their TV, and that's really all they want. Have a deck of cards, board games, and dominos. If you have the right elements out and in view, your guests will amuse themselves. To keep the insanity of children to a minimum, try having a room just for them. Fill it with video games, movies, and what ever else keeps them tame. Conversation is a natural phenomenon that occurs with people who have some kind of personal connection, so don't stress too much, your guests will be fine.

    #4 Don't be that guy

    It shouldn't be too difficult to have a good time without drama or strife, but we all have that one family member who can't go five minutes without starting an argument. If you're the one who has trouble with knowing when to keep your mouth shut, I suggest sticking to one simple rule: keep all your comments complimentary. If people are always insulted by the crap that falls out of your mouth, then you know what to fix - your mouth. Keep it shut, unless you have something considerate to say. It isn't your job to point out every flaw in the world. You're not there to correct anyone. You're there to appreciate your family and loved ones.

    For those of you who know how to behave properly, don't be tempted by that fore-mentioned family member. Don't get pulled into an argument. It's easy - just smile and excuse yourself. You can scold them another day.

    If you're bringing all ten of your kids, then please keep an eye on them. Even with all of your family members there, those kids are still your responsibility. Your host will be very grateful if it's you who's tearing your child from the walls and not them.

    #5 Lend a helping hand
    The most important thing for a guest is to help the host. Offer your assistance with the dishes or with some cooking. Every year you see the same people helping out in the kitchen. If you were never one of those helpful guests, try stepping up this year. Get your hands dirty. 

    If you arrive before everyone else, you are helping. That's what you get for showing up three hours early. If you have no culinary skills, then set the table, help with any last minute cleaning, make the last minute grocery runs if needed. 

    If you were unable to prepare a dish for the dinner, make an effort to bring the hosts a bottle of wine or a  store-made dish. If you're completely broke, then maybe you could bring a game from home that everyone might enjoy. The best thing you can offer your hosts is your help.  

    Jason Estrada is currently working on his master's for creative writing, in the hopes of becoming a very rich screenwriter some day. His other interests include photography, cinematography, and video editing. His favorite book is The Great Gatsby. Favorite movie is either The Crow or When Harry Met Sally - can't decide. And his all time favorite show is Doctor Who.

    When he's not enjoying any of those things, you can find him at home, drinking and smoking way too much while listening to VNV Nation. Connect with him via email at or subscribe via Facebook.
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