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5 Ways to Help You Love Your Naked Body

    Naked November is all about shedding your clothes and emotional burdens. And since we really enjoyed Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty campaign, we chose their picture to highlight improved self-confidence naked. Confidence comes from within. In order to get naked we need to shed any fears, doubts, and negative thoughts. To fully get naked, we need to get emotionally undressed too. GetLusty promotes a healthy body-image and self-esteem because we are all beautiful. What some people call flaws, we like to call strengths because guess what? Perfection is overrated! Bonnie Gayle, sexual empowerment coach is here with five tips to help you reach body confidence and soon nakedness!

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    Negative body image, the negative feelings you have about how you look, is a growing problem worldwide for both men and women. It affects at least 80-90 percent of women and 80 percent of men. When you have body image issues it can be difficult to feel comfortable naked, especially if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror or standing naked in daylight.

    How many times have you looked in the mirror naked and your eyes went straight that body part you find flawed? Your eyes are drawn to the bulge in your tummy, the cellulite on your thighs, or the saggy butt you’ve always felt uncomfortable about. You tell yourself you’re going to go on a diet, start your workout, or get some surgery to change these things because you think that such a change is going to improve your life.

    Unfortunately, the diets that don’t work, the working out you will probably do for a short time and eventually get tired of, and/or the surgery you may or may not end up doing are only quick fixes that will not change how you feel. The odds of failing a diet are 95 percent within a year and a half. Working out has to be a regular commitment, not something you do for a few weeks and then quit. Surgery is quite expensive, requires down-time, and although it will change your body, it doesn’t change your body image. Once you fix one body part surgically, you’ll most likely start obsessing on another. It’s a vicious cycle.

    The good news is that there are some practices you can do to start learning to love and appreciate your body without a lot of expense or suffering. These five tips will help you feel comfortable being naked in no time!

    #1 Write a love letter to your body

    Your body is a miracle. It has so many moving parts that allow you to do so many amazing things. Make a list of all of the things you have the ability to do because of your body. At the end of the letter, thank your body for being the amazing vessel it is.

    #2 Take a look at yourself in the mirror naked

    Find your favorite body part and focus on it. Close your eyes and imagine a golden light emanating from that body part. As the light becomes stronger, it grows and soon covers your entire body. Feel the warmth of the light, and keep your eyes closed for a few minutes in the brightness. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

    #3 Take a sensual bath in some beautiful essential oils

    When was the last time you took a long, relaxing bath? Gently wash your body with the infused warm water. You will notice your skin feeling softer, hydrated and more radiant.

    #4 Create Ambiance 

    There are so many places and times to be naked. One great way to help love your body is treat it beautifully. Creating a sexy, loving ambiance is a great place to start! Light candles and create an ambiance so you feel more comfortable being naked. Start slow if you'd like. But creating an atmosphere where you love your body and yourself is beneficial for more than loving your naked body--it will do much to improve your self confidence, too!

    #5 Solo dance party! 

    It's Friday night and you seem to have 20 minutes to yourself. Why turn up some music, the heat and strip down? Dance naked in the candlelight to music that you love. Feel how sensual you are. Feel your goddess nature. Dancing naked improves your understanding of your own body.

    Practicing these five tips can help you start to feel comfortable in your nakedness. Once you start loving and appreciating yourself and your body, your whole world will begin to open up in ways you never thought possible. Soon you will love being naked!

    Bonnie Gayle, is a “body whisperer and sexual empowerment coach for women." Bonnie speaks publicly and facilitates the teaching of overcoming body image and self esteem issues to women so they can fully embrace sexual pleasure.

    After co-creating Sex Butter, Yes Butter, and The Butter, products made from organic plant based oils which have been enhancing and healing women and couples, her true mission came alive: “Body Liberation”! Bonnie has successfully assisted, mentored, and taught thousands of women the importance of loving the body you are in, treating it kindly, and stepping into embracing true sexual pleasure. 'Like' her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @sexbutterbabe.
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