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5 Ways to Have a More Seductive Thanksgiving

    It seems that most people don't think Thanksgiving can be sexy. In fact, it could be considered the most unsexy holiday possible. We don't buy it! This isn't just a day for grandparents and cousins, it's a day spent with your sexy partner. GetLusty's Matt Stickles gives five ways to make your day of giving thanks a sexy one.

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    #1 Cuddle when you have the chance

    Be sure to cuddle up with one another. Thanksgiving can be quite a hectic time, especially if your hosting. You and your partner can only benefit from a little bit of cuddling in the morning and at night. Nothing helps you forget the stresses of cooking and family drama like holding your partner in your arms when you get a break. If you decide you want to make moves past cuddling, go for it!

    #2 Fun under the table

    Just because you're married or have been together for a while doesn't mean you can't play. In fact, quite the opposite. Playing footsie under the table is a great way to remind your partner that you are still thinking about them. You still find them just as appetizing as the the delicious food on top of the table! If you are sitting next to your partner, then a discretely wander your hand over to their lap--it can be pretty seductive!

    #3 Play in the kitchen 

    If your hosting, cooking can be a major hassle. Even though putting together a great meal for a lot of people is a major stress, you and your partner can make it fun by fooling around in the kitchen! Drip some cranberry sauce on his or her neck, put a drop of whip cream on their chest, then help them with the clean-up by licking it off. If your kitchen is separate from the festivities, and you two are all alone for a moment, have yourselves a quick make-out session. There's nothing much sexier than sneaking around with inappropriate behavior.

    #4 Massages

    You just ate your own weight in turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. The both of you just want to lay on the couch and veg out, neither of you feeling very sexy. However, a little massage is a great way to make each other feel better and maybe even get in the mood. A full body massage might be out of the question, due to that food-baby sitting in your belly. But you can still rub their feet, shoulders, scalp, hands, and arms. As long your partner is not resting on their stomach, mini massage feel amazing and are welcomed touches (do ask first, though).

    #5 A Thanksgiving quickie

    If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, then you have all kinds of options for some sexy fun. At some point during the festivities, sneak off with your partner to the bedroom for a quicky. Too much for you? How about a quick blow job in the bathroom? You don't even have to go as far as those things. Find a place with a locked door, throw a hand down his pants, or up her skirt, and just give a taste of what's waiting for them.

    Our newest writer is a history, sex and love... lover, Matt Stickles.

    Matt is a recent grad from the University of Kansas with Bachelor's degrees in History and Anthropology. Matt currently lives just outside of Chicago. When Matt is not writing and reading articles on GetLusty for Couples, you can catch him getting drinks with friends, reading science fiction, watching the Jayhawks dominate college basketball, or hanging out with Hannah, his Bernese Mountain dog. Have questions, comments or concerns? E-mail him at
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