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5 Pillars of an Amazing Sexual Relationship

    You feel like your missing something in your sexual relationship. Maybe you feel overall your relationship could be better. Why? These 5 things. I've been there. I started GetLusty for Couples because my relationship and sex life with my husband was less-than-stellar. But we worked on these key areas and things got better. While no marriage or couple is perfect, we're always growing, changing and improving--these pillars are absolutely essential to an amazing sexual relationship.

    As you may not know, GetLusty for Couples will be launching a new version of our site on December 1st. In just one week's time, I think you'll be very excited to see our new features. Suffice to say, we're passionate about helping nurture relationships and sex. And we're committed to being a relationship improvement service. Erica Grigg, our co-Founder and Chief Lust Officer, reports.

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    Based on our extensive personal research, we found 5 ways to make our marriage and sexual lives better. If we kept up these 5 different areas of our relationship, we’d have an amazing sexual relationship. We based the GetLusty for Couples platform on these pillars and needs. In launch, we'll be working to provide couples services to improve their relationships in these areas specifically. We're here to make relationships great--throughout the years. What are these pillars, you ask?

    #1 Communication

    If you can’t tell your partner how you’re feeling, how are you expecting them to understand you? If you don’t tell them you’re angry, how can you expect them to console you when you need it most? Communication of your feelings, problems and successes is an essential component to an amazing sexual relationship.

    #2 Health

    If you don't keep up with your own personal hygiene, working out and overall physical health--it's hard to feel sexy for someone else. If you don’t feel sexy, you're far less likely to want to have sex. If you don’t feel healthy, it’s also hard to have high self-esteem. Having a healthy outlook on life is beneficial for both partners. Simply, eating right, exercising regularly and maintaining a good appearance is positive for both individuals and couples.

    #3 Sexual technique

    If you don’t know the best ways to give head, how do you expect your partner to orgasm? If you aren’t able to orgasm, what are some other ways to achieve pleasure? Sexual technique should be easy to find and accessible. Curious about how to have anal sex? Want to be better at cunninlingus? You’re be a few clicks away!

    #4 Dating (for couples)

    If you only see each other in passing, how do you expect to retain your lusty love? Having a scheduled weekly or twice-monthly period where you’re simply enjoying each others’ presence is a wonderful experience to share.

    You start to equate the times you’re together during dates with your overall experience. And when you’re on a date having fun, it’s easy to have an absolute blast. Isn’t that why you’re in love in the first place? Dating makes your relationship so much more fun.

    #5 New experiences/adventures

    So maybe you go to the same restaurant, bar or park every time you go on a date. Like all long-term relationships, things get monotonous. However, when you exit your routine, you become surprised again. The mystery and suspense of a dating relationship begins again. It’s hard not to feel the oxytocin flowing again when you jump off a cliff or travel to another city together to do something different.

    This is post by Erica Grigg, our Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, mission-driven entrepreneur and sex geek. She wants to end boring sex. If you don't see Erica riding around Chicago in her beach cruiser or at a diner with the love of her life, you see her chatting up the tech community about the importance of sex and love in marriage. Follow Erica on Twitter @ericagrigg or subscribe via Facebook and Google+.

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