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4 Ways to Love Yourself Better

    This Naked November, we're thinking a lot about self love. Love your naked body more. How about loving yourself? You might wonder why we're talking about self love. This site is about couples, not singles. No, no. You are the most important part of your couple. If you aren't happy with yourself, it can be impossible for another to make you happy. We've heard this before, and want to emphasize this with Naked November. Because if you can't feel sexy alone, it's sure going to be hard to get sexy with your significant other.

    * * *

    Without ado, here are 4 more recommendations to continue the series. Enjoy!

    #1 Give yourself a break

    You are only human and you will make mistakes. Sometimes you drink a little too much, indulge a little too much, give the wrong people your time. That's still no reason to be hard on yourself. When you beat yourself up, that effects you mentally and physically. Give yourself a break and relax. Go to the spa! Our favorite, women-run spa in Chicago (5 free massages and spa visits for cancer survivors) is Thousand Waves Spa ($20 for 3-hours, can't beat that)!

    #2 Go naked 

    Yep thats right, go free as a bird. Don't be shy, don't hide your mirrors just drop your pants and go! We're talking specifically about being nude privately. Turn off the negative words in your head and just concentrate on how good it feels to be naked. If you are not comfortable walking around your house naked, try sleeping naked first to acclimate yourself to the feeling. Going naked is all about getting comfortable with yourself as is.

    Once you're comfortable with nudity privately, you could even explore what the world has to offer in public nudity. I know what you're thinking. That's creepy. "Flashers" as some call it expose themselves indecently. We're not talking about creeps. There's a whole community of naturists (people that go nude frequently). They're nice people that just hang around naked because of the freedom it offers. There's even the World Naked Bike Ride or vacation destinations entirely dedicated to offering you a "naked experience."

    Even naturists have ground rules (i.e. parental nudity, for example; the list goes on and on). And an FYI, public nudity is a no-no in many places around the USA. Wikipedia has an extensive list on places you can go nude publicly. We'll post again soon on nudity and its benefits. For now... start off with the small stuff. Take your bra and t-shirt off together! Photo credit World Naked Bike Ride.

    #3 Masturbate

    We admit that we love masturbation. There are many reasons to masturbate, including loving yourself better. For men and for women, masturbation can be very beneficial. Indulge in it. Let yourself get totally naked and enjoy the experience loving your body. In sex with yourself lies the proof that you are a beautiful and desirable human being. Here is where you can let all the negativity and bad things go. Pay attention to yourself and how much you are loving you

    #4 Don't pay attention to everyone else 

    I confess, many of us at GetLusty don't read beauty magazines. Why? We don't feel like we need more places telling us ladies we are not good enough, pretty enough or diligent enough wives. You know what? Forget about them.

    Don't pay attention to the nay-sayers in your life. They cannot live your life. Ditch the negative influences and lift yourself to a better position. You are beautiful, wonderful and no one can make a positive impact on your life more than you. Realize this and you'll be on a great way to start loving yourself better.

    Self love and body image are life long journeys that we all have to go through and endure. Just because it's your journey doesn't mean you can't get a little help.

    Pic thanks to the Beautiful Things blog.

    This is post by Erica Grigg, our co-Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, social entrepreneur and sex geek. She wants to end boring sex. If you don't see Erica riding around downtown, Chicago in her beach cruiser or at a diner with her adoring husband, you see her chatting up the tech community about the importance of sex and love in marriage. Follow Erica on Twitter @ericagrigg or subscribe via Facebook and Google+.

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