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3 Ways To Feel Sexy Again After Giving Birth

    It's Naked November so, we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable being naked even if you just gave birth recently. In fact, having a new child should be an even bigger reason to celebrate because you may now have a very sexy motherly figure to show off. Congratulations! GetLusty's resident sexy mom and staff writer Eileen Prouffe reports.

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    While it might take a few months to a whole year to feel totally back to normal mentally and physically after giving birth, that doesn't mean you cannot embrace your new figure right away. Since every body is unique, most women will not bounce back like a celebrity right after having a baby, especially if it is not your first baby. This is natural and normal and you really shouldn't rush or overwhelm yourself to have to get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Don't let society or other people pressure you.  Do what feels right for yourself.

    A lot of women actually leave the hospital still looking pregnant because it takes time for your uterus to go back to normal especially if you had a c-section like I have had twice. So, if you were able to experience natural birth, you're lucky because your body should restore itself faster and even quicker if you breast feed.

    #1 Get Moving

    We're all about safety at Get Lusty so, as soon as your doctor permits, start getting some physical exercise besides all the running around you will be doing taking care of your new bundle of joy. The best way to get moving is in the bedroom when possible. Make sure you take some time out for yourself and your significant other to take care of business. It will not only help you relive stress, but burn calories too.  Get on top and be proud of yourself.  There's nothing to be ashamed of. The more confident you feel, the more your partner will be attracted to you.    

    #2 Take Care Of Your Skin

    It's very easy for your skin to get stretch marks and lose it's elasticity after giving birth so, the best way to feel good and accept your new skin is to take care of it and treat it well. Don't believe that all of these stretch mark creams are going to cause a miracle to happen, but they will help improve the tone and look of the skin over time. If I knew of something that could cause a total transformation, I'd tell you, but I don't. I've tried various products and still have stretch marks. I've learned to accept them and be proud of what I have gone through and you should too. While magazines may act like stretch marks are unsightly, they're wrong; skin and bones are actually unsightly. Stretch marks are a mother's reminder of the sacrifice they went through. So, be proud of the skin you bear and flaunt it!

    #3 Take Pictures Of Your New Body

    Celebrate your new body by taking pictures of it and creating new memories of the new you. There are many boudoir photographers that can take pictures of you, your new baby and you can even get your partner in on it too. I have a really good friend who has five children and lives in California and even though she has lost her baby weight, she is not afraid to post pictures on Facebook of herself in a bikini showing off her stretch marks. There are some very sexy motherly pictures that can be created so, don't be afraid to check it out experience something new. It's all about feeling good about yourself and not worrying about what other people are thinking of you. Just as I thought my friend was beautiful in her pictures, people will think the same of you and they will actually respect you for what you've gone through and how you're not afraid to be yourself. If you think and feel sexy, it's impossible to not be perceived as sexy.

    Eileen Prouffe is a GetLusty staff writer with over ten years as a working mom trying to keep her love alive. If she's not having fun with her three kids, she's staring into the eyes of her loving husband. She looks forward to sharing her ideas, tips and knowledge with everyone to help improve relationships and put an end to dull sex lives. Get in touch with Eileen at
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