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3 Ways Dating Improves Your Relationship

    Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend! Wonder the utility in dating as a married couple or one in a long-term relationship? Well, dating can be just the perk your relationship needs. We've talked a lot about how dating can help a relationship. For example, we've found dating your spouse can enhance your sex life. We even talked about ways to date your spouse better. GetLusty's Lora Swarts reports. She swears by dating, and constantly reaps the benefits with her wonderful boyfriend.

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    Life always seems to get in the way of our love lives. Jobs, family, and everyday tasks can distract us from being more involved with our partner. Whether you have been married for two decades or have been dating for two years, date nights are crucial for you to still feel that emotional connection that bonded you in the first place.

    Don't let life get in the way of sustaining your love! Not only does GetLusty believe in scheduling sex but we also believe in scheduling date nights. So why are date nights so important? We have three reasons why date nights should be a priority in your relationship or marriage!

    #1 Excitement

    Date nights are a chance to get those butterflies you once had in the beginning of your relationship. Remember when you would have so much adrenaline and nerves before a date? It's great to know that after so many years you can still get excited to spend an evening with your lover. When you have your date planned, fuel that excitement by buying a new outfit or try getting ready separately to inject a little more excitement into your love life.

    #2 Getting re-acquainted

    After years together you probably feel like you know your partner like the back of your hand. Date nights offer us an opportunity to get to know one another again.

    There is always something new to learn about your significant other and date nights give you the chance to explore your curiosities and keep your passions alive. Use your date nights to rediscover each other. Do they like cheesy wallpaper, for example?

      #3 Separation from distractions

    Date night provides a separation from kids, work, bills, chores, and all those life distractions that can stale a relationship. When you loose yourself in other things, you not only forget who you are as a person, but you also loose that connection you once had with your partner. Having a date night once a week gives you both the chance to connect again emotionally. Remember: when you are out together, leave those distractions at home. Use the time and commit to getting to know each other again. Pretend its your first date again!

    Lora is the GetLusty staff writer and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, spending too much money on soy lattes or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend in their north side apartment. You can find her on Twitter @honeynutlo.

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