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3 Must See Erotic Books

    Besides Naked Girls Reading (check out this lusty lady reader above), there are few other things that are as sexy as reading erotic novels, stories and books. Our adorkable writer, Nadine Thornhill is all about picture books these days. But not just any coffee table books, erotic ones! Here is a guest post by Nadine, also cross-posted to her lovely her blog, Adorkable Undies!

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    My friends at GetLusty wanted to know about some of my favorite sexy books. The answer to that question is more challenging than it seems. When it comes to choosing smutty reads, my top picks change according to my mood, my libido and what’s going on in my life at the time.

    Lately I’ve been spending most of my days studying, scriptwriting and blogging. As much I enjoy the work (except maybe the studying), I find I need a bit of a break from words once downtime rolls around. That’s probably why I’ve been drawn to some of the more graphic volumes on my bookshelf these days. Books full of sexy pictures boost my mojo, while giving my eyeballs a much needed break from constant left to right scanning.

    These three books all contain wonderful bits of text, but it’s the pretty, pretty pictures that have put these titles at the top of my list:

    Ars Erotica: An Arousing History Of Erotic Art
    by Edward Lucie-Smith

    I acquired this book quite by accident when I was producing a play for The Ottawa Fringe Festival. The story took place in a fictional sex shop and a cast mate brought it in to help dress our set. After the run was over, I inherited the book and it’s lived on my bookshelf ever since.

    Ars Erotica documents various depictions of human sexuality throughout time and across cultures. Each chapter focuses on a different theme; ranging from sex and spirituality, to outdoor sex and erotic pain.

     It’s a full color volume, brimming with spectacular works of art. History buffs will certainly enjoy reading about the historical significance of erotica through the ages. As for me, I’m all about oogling page after page of sculpture, paintings and photographs!

    Do It Yourself
    by Uwe Ommer

    Do It Yourself is a big, beautiful coffee table book full of big, beautiful photographs. Ommer is a big deal photographer in Europe having had exhibits in some of France’s best known galleries.

    According to the preface, he and his partner came home one night to find their child asleep and the babysitter snapping Polarids of herself in the bathroom mirror, wearing nothing but Ommer’s high heels.

    What you or I might call a supremely awkward moment, Ommer saw as inspiration. He equiped a group of inexperienced photographers with a camera, a set of basic instructions and set them loose to do their own erotic self portraits.

    The results range from sultry to playful to downright goofy. It’s a hella fun book to flip through and one that turns me on every time I look at it. The last third of the book is a kind of postcard diary/photo essay of the inspirational babysitter. Based on her writing, the woman strikes me as kind of a wackadoo, but in a fun way that might involve wearing wigs and eating cupcakes while watching America’s Next Top Model nude.

    Small Favors: A Girly Porno Comic
    by Colleen Coover

    Small Favours is actually several girly porno comics – a series of eight graphic novels – and they are absolutely delightful!

    The protagonist Annie has a near insatiable sex drive. She just can’t stop masturbating! Her conscience appears in the form of an uptight queen to reprimand her.

    Since Annie can’t be trusted to keep her hands out of her pants, she’s saddled with a six-inch, blonde-haired guardian named Nibbl. There’s just one small problem…Nibbl is even more of a horn-dog than Annie! Annie and Nibbl quickly fall in lust, in love and spend the rest of the series having the dirty, silly, wonderful sex in almost every panel.

    I adore this series. It’s sex-positive, optimistic and cute as hell. For reals, I can’t think of any other book that makes me want to go “Awwww,” and touch myself at the same time.

    How about you? Do you have any erotic favorites on your bookshelf? Feel free to share!

    Nadine is a sexual health educator, playwright, poet, burlesque performer, partner and parent living in Ottawa, Ontario. The plays and poetry she creates tend toward subjects such as clitorises, vibrators and non-monogamy. 

    She enjoys candy, fashion and dreck television. She does not care for pants. Find her on Twitter @NadineThornhill. She also blogs on Adorkable Undies. Find her blog on Facebook and Pinterest
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