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3 Aphrodisiacs You May Not Have Heard Of

    You may not have heard of these, but they'll pack a punch. GetLusty's staff writer and Registered Nurse Lori Ritchie is here to talk about these aphrodisiacs -- and just in time for Thanksgiving!

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    Forget the rhinoceros horn, elk antlers, and powdered sea horse – where would you even find this stuff believed by many cultures to enhance sexual experiences?

    Humans have touted the benefits of a plethora of foods for their sexual enhancing qualities throughout history. The term aphrodisiac was coined by the Greeks and is related to the infamous goddess of sexuality and love, Aphrodite. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of Western medicine, prescribed the use of lentils “to keep a man virile into old age.” Aristotle reportedly took this legendary doctor’s advice and regularly prepared his lentils with the addition of the bitter, honey-like spice saffron.

    The belief in aphrodisiacs exists in societies throughout the world. Some of these traditional foods and drinks are not for the faint-hearted. Zimbabwe lovers favor a cocktail of baboon urine and beer to promote erotic longings. In the Philippines, residents indulge in a bull penis and testicle laden soup believed to increase the stamina of males. In China and other parts of Asia, some believe consumption of venomous snake blood acts as a potent sexual aid.

    The following list of aphrodisiacs includes three readily available foods whose sexual intensifying properties may surprise you:

    #1 Pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon

    Pumpkin pie has long been a traditional part of Thanksgiving feasts but there’s an even better reason to make it a staple at the dessert table this holiday season. The Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago reports that the scent of this pie increases penile blood flow by 40% and increases sexual desire in women.

    Lovers may want to consider stocking their bedroom with pumpkin-scented candles to set the mood for a night of passion. Cinnamon and vanilla scents are also good choices. These natural fragrances have been linked with their abilities to promote sensuality.

    #2 Chili

    The Mexican warrior, Montezuma, reportedly routinely drank a chocolate elixir laced with chili prior to visiting his harem of concubines. Capsaicin, the active ingredient found in different types of hot peppers, initiates a physiological response that mirrors sexual arousal – increased heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism. Sweating can even occur when chili peppers are consumed. It’s also believed that capsaicin induces the release of endorphins which are those biochemical substances associated with feelings of euphoria. Pass the hot sauce.

    #3 Aphrodite’s Nectar

    The tradition of the honeymoon is inspired by the belief in honey’s properties as an aphrodisiac. In ancient times, couples were commonly presented with honey, once called Aphrodite’s nectar, to promote fertility and as an aid to help them enjoy their first sexual encounter.

    The Kama Sutra and the Perfumed Garden assert that honey spiced with nutmeg results in heightened orgasms. Break out the honey at breakfast for use on toast, crepes, and biscuits and you may end up between the sheets for a round of morning sex.

    The best aphrodisiac

    "For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time."

    -Isabel Allende

    This a post by staff writer Lori Ritchie. We're so glad to have Lori join us from sunny southern California.

    Lori Ritchie is a Registered Nurse and freelance writer living in Southern California with the love of her life and two beautiful children. Lori enjoys using writing as a platform for teaching. When Lori isn't tied to her computer or iPad, she enjoys traveling and fine wine. Questions or comments for Lori? E-mail
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