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20 Fun-Filled Fall Date Ideas for Couples

    Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons: the temperature is perfect for cuddling but still nice enough to leave the house. Brittany Meyer provides a list of our top autumn dates! Some are clothing optional!

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    Without ado, here are 24 fall date ideas - some clothed, some not!

    #1 Visit a pumpkin patch

    Leave the kids at the babysitter! We're talking about a relaxing day between the two of you! There are a whole host of Pumpkin Patches across Chicago. Then, there are even more Pumpkin Patches near Chicago! Really want to bring the kids? Several are more geared towards children, so do a bit of research before you come without your panties on.

    #2 Pumpkin carving

    So you just arrived home after a visit to the Pumpkin Patch. Now what? After your pumpkin patch visit, bring them home and decide what carving designs you can do together. There are numerous Halloween options, or there are also options for Thanksgiving, too! It might seem a bit cheesy, but it's going to be a fun activity you can work on together.

    #3 Get cooking

    Don't throw your extra Pumpkin away! Using an additional pumpkin, (or the insides of the carved pumpkins) cook seeds, make Pumpkin salsa, Pumpkin fritters, Pumpkin pie. You can make just about anything with a raw or cooked Pumpkin. Fall is the time to enjoy Pumpkin in all kinds of dishes. Check out more recipe ideas for Pumpkin!

    Squash, apples, cranberries, pomegranates and kale are all in season in the fall, so take advantage of their abundance and deliciousness!

     Fall recipes are back, utilizing seasonal foods for you to whip up in a hurry or simmering over an entire day. Get some ideas for new hot dinner and lunches. Coming back from a cold day out is made better by a fall soup to heat you up.

    #4 Apple picking

    It's that time again. Apple picking is in order! We've talked about it before. You two should get out there and pick some crisp, juicy apples! Find a Chicago orchard and pick apples for cider, baking, or dip! Check out some apple recipes from the Food Network! Can you say, Yummy!?

    #5 Walks in parks

    The leaves are changing colors, the weather is refreshing and sunny. Nothing says fall like the colors. Enjoy the sights and smells on a leisurely walk through your neighborhood park.

    #6 Get outta' town

    There are so many beautiful areas across the country. Just outside your city are a host of quaint little towns. Haven't seen the foliage outside of your city? You might be amazed by a natural setting outside of your home town. Visiting National Park isn't just for the summer. Enjoy a leisure drive in a rural setting on the way there.

    Sometimes going somewhere new can be exhilarating. Find a cute restaurant or coffee shop with some sort of specialty and give it a try!

    #7 Look for local fall parades and farmers' markets

    Farmers' Markets are a wonderful way to connect with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients grown near your own back yard. For our fellow Chicagoans, check out the schedule for Chicago Farmers' Markets. You probably have a budding farmers' market system in your city that you never knew about!

    #8 Dress in warm clothing, turn the heat down, and have a picnic indoors

    For those not interested in leaving or wanting a more intricate picnic menu, stay indoors. Put the couch pillows on the floor with a blanket over them, open the windows, dress warm and enjoy the easy access to your bedroom.

    #9 Paint

    When was the last time you both created something together? How about painting a new room? Or how about painting a design on your wall? When you create new things together, you'll use team work to make your furnishings a little brighter. Go on. It'll be fun!

    #10 Try a cinnamon scented moisturizer or soap to inspire sweet smells and touches 

    Does your apartment smell like dirty socks? It happens. How about smelling like Cinnamon sticks instead? Getting a little something new to change up your scent is surprisingly noticeable. You're used to a certain smell. Switching this up can make a big difference. You can also go for a different cologne or perfume--that'll make a big difference, too! Just check-in with your partner to make sure they like it.

    #11 Go on a picnic

    It isn't winter yet so take this opportunity to venture outdoors! This would be a great time to bring all your wonderful fall recipes to one nice experience. Take a look at some perfect picnic meals here. Go here for a more vegetarian picnic.

    #12 Have Fall-themed potluck with other happy couples

    Enjoying your time with other happy couples can make you realize the beauty of being married/coupled. Others are in love and that sparks your own interest. How about a potluck? Invite several other couples you know to a Fall-themed potluck!

    #13 Watch ‘When Harry Met Sally’

    The orgasm scene? When they met? How the story plays out? It gets me teary every time I think about it. Come now, gents. When was the last time you watched a romantic movie together? Bring on the popcorn, this one is going to be cute! When Harry Met Sally is the perfect fall romance movie.

    #14 Think of Halloween costumes you would only wear for each other

    Of course GetLusty has ideas for sexy Halloween costumes! Are you a thrift shopper? Maybe you love retail? Fall is the ideal time to get some sexy, crazy outfits. Costume shopping can be even more fun when you are buying something that's for your partner's eyes only.

    #15 Work out together

    At GetLusty for Couples, we believe health is one of the key pillars of an amazing sexual relationship. Exercise can be a wonderful activity to do together. You're both feeling fit, active, and happy. Of course we have workout ideas.

    Top 9 Naked November Dates

    #16 Naked board game night

    Twister, anyone? Pick out your favorite game and make them a little more risqué. Make the stakes higher. For whoever wins, the sexy reward could involve cunnilingus, nipple play, or anything else sexy. Ever consider sexy monopoly? Oh, yeah.

    #17 Watch a romantic movie

    No clothes. No problem. Cuddle and revel in the adorable plots of a Fall-centered romantic comedy -- even if they're from 2004. "Last of the Mohicans"? OK, so it's a little bit of a tear-jerker. But cuddling naked could also lead to other fun times. 

    #18 Play out the scene to a movie

    There is nothing quite like holding onto your partner while playing out a scene from The Lord of the Rings! Is there a scene from a movie that you both know so well, you re-live it in your heads? Now how about naked? Being nude just makes everything more fun!

    #19 Dance party!

    Dance parties aren't just for Jersey Shore. This isn't the time to lower your heat. Get your own indoor dance party. Naked! You might even break a sweat. How about a quick shower after that dance party? Who hates showers with your lover? Thought so.

    #20 Add something to your bed

    Get a new set of sheets. This will make your abode feel even warmer and make it even harder to leave. Take Sunday morning cuddles to the next level with satin sheets. Don't tell me that won't feel luxurious and wonderful when you're naked!

    #21 Enjoy morning coffee together

    Wake up earlier, cuddle, drink coffee and have some sort of pastry, if possible. Coffee in the nude is so much fun! You could also pick up a variety of creamers (Pumpkin spice? Eggnog latte?) and enjoy a little cream! Be sure to let your coffee cool down first. We don't want anyone getting burned.

    #22 Write a story together

    Not just a story. Something creative. Do either of you paint? Write? Draw? Sit down together and share your passions. If you prefer to not be physically involved with another medium, read something you enjoy and lay together. Being creative while naked can take things to a different level.

    #23 Bath time

    When it's extra chilly, give your body some love with a bath or shower. Get clean, whip away the negative emotions from your body, and talk positively. How beautiful you are! How wonderful your partner is!

    #24 Have a cider date

    Want to have a sweet and alcoholic date? Try different types of cider! Get several different flavors and brands to find out your favorite. They go very well with fall foods as well.

    Enjoy being together and enjoy Fall!

    Brittany just moved to Chicago after finishing her degree from FSU and arrived with a thirst to learn about everything that has to do with sex. Having been involved with The F-Word, The Vagina Monologues, amateur drag and a Human Sexuality course she is a very sex positive lady. When she's not admiring architecture or looking for a design job, Brittany does stand-up comedy and thinks of ways to make people on the CTA feel uncomfortable. She also eats high-fives for breakfast. Follow her on twitter @sedanimal. E-mail her directly at
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