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12 Places to Have Saucy Apartment Sex

    It's getting cold out, so what better time to have wonderful apartment sex? We very recently wrote about five crazy places to have apartment sex.

    Let's have some more fun with this! Now we are taking it further with 13 places to have wild and amazing sex in your very own apartment. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a condo, or a loft, allow yourself to explore your sex life in every nook and cranny. Georgia Laso is here to inspire us with 13 places to have sex in your apartment!

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    Top thirteen places to get frisky in the bedroom: who doesn’t love it? It’s an oldie but goodie. But now that you are out of your parents’ house, out of a dorm, and have your own place, what about the rest of the apartment? It’s time to celebrate being an out-of-the-nest adult and christen every room in your new flat!

    #1 The Tub

    Just as much an ‘oldie but goodie’ as the bedroom, but that’s why it’s a classic, right? Turn up the water temperature to keep things steamy and have a little fun with whatever might be in reach as well: shampoo, soap, body wash, body buff. The shower also allows for raunchy positions such as doggie style, the sensual shower, and, if you have a sturdy shower rod (no pun intended), the hot rod.

     #2 Washer/dryer room

    What better way to do your laundry? Get it on during the spin cycle for some vibrating fun or let the dryer heat up the moment. Sex here can work if you have an in-unit washer/dryer or a community laundry room. If in a shared laundry room, make sure the door is locked or time your foray in between loads.

    #3 Kitchen counter

    If you live with a roommate then this one has the added thrill of being caught. Ladies, prop up on the counter or simply get down and dirty right there on the floor. The feeling that you’re in a forbidden space will amp up the excitement, and for more fun open up the fridge and find some whipped cream or chocolate sauce — or both!

    #4 Elevator

    This one may be for the more adventurous couples. Have an elevator in your apartment building? Ride it all the way up and have a quickie or simply hit the ‘stop’ button. If there are any handrails available, use them as leverage for orgasmic positions! Just be sure there are no security cameras around.

    #5 The porch/ balcony 

    This is a great spot for multiple reasons: fresh air, thrill of being seen, getting in touch with nature, and possibly even some stargazing. You can make the moment super romantic with wine and a picnic and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Bring some blankets or simply use the patio furniture at hand.

    #6 Bar stools 

    Ladies, lay across one to three barstools and have your man enter you from behind. If you’re good at balancing, have your guy sit on the barstool and sit on his lap (facing him or facing away). Use other barstools for support or lean it against a wall. Trying to keep your balance will add to the excitement.

    #7 Dining room table

    Once again, this area toys with the idea of getting it on in a “forbidden" place. Make use of the chairs and have sex on the table, under the table, against the table, and whatever other combinations you two can come up with!

    #8 Exercise equipment

    You didn't know how much fun it was not jogging on your treadmill? Yes, it's possible! Have a bench press in your pad? Stationary bike? Pull-up bar? Yoga ball? There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting frisky on exercise equipment. Try girl on top for equipment that comes with a seat or maybe a standing position for anything with a sturdy bar.

    The next time you're working out, consider all the lusty things that were done on that equipment.
    #9 Staircase

    Such a simple area and yet so many opportunities for fun with your partner! Doggie style, cowgirl, leg lock. The possibilities are endless! Use the handrails for added positions with support or bondage.

    #10 Recliner chair

    Start with the chair in its upright position and let your partner climb on top of you. At some point, pop the foot of the chair out and lean back. This will make for a deeper penetration.

    #11 The doorway

    This area is all about urgency. Begin getting frisky with your partner the moment they walk through the door (or maybe the moment you both arrive home together). Don’t wait to make it to the bedroom or even the living room. For more details, try this article.

    #12 Couch

    OK, this is pretty much a classic. A favorite place for cuddling, watching movies, staying warm by the fire, and of course — sex. You can do every position that you do on a bed, but the element of being in a new area, adds to the excitement. Your partner's ability to sit up while you ride him makes for more intimacy, and grabbing onto the back of the couch can add more stability and leverage. Spice it up and try different positions on the armrests and use the cushions to create greater leverage!

    Enjoy each other and your love together! Enjoy GetLusty. 

    Georgia Laso is another great writer from GetLusty for Couples. Georgia is a Southern lady whose sweet demeanor helps people open up to her about all their sexual escapades, fantasies and charades.

    She is a self-proclaimed theater nerd and is excited to talk to anybody and everybody about all that Chicago's theater scene has to offer. A recent graduate from a small Liberal Arts college, Georgia is thrilled to be one of the latest members added to the GetLusty for Couple's team! Want to get in touch with her? Email her at!
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