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10 Lesbian Stereotypes Debunked

    Though we're interested in featuring articles for gay and lesbian audiences, we've just started creating lesbian-focused content. We're glad, though, that lesbian, gay and straight relationships are relatively similar. In the second article in a series focused on lesbian-issues, we're offering several stereotypes that need debunking. What do straight individuals think about lesbians that just isn't necessarily true? GetLusty's lesbian writer Milan Weasley reports.

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    There are stereotypes for many people and lifestyles. Lesbians are no different. GetLusty's Milan Weasley is here to lay bare (pun intended) these myths. And open the mysterious world of lesbians to the readers of GetLusty!

    #1 Lesbians hate men

    Being a lesbian does not mean that we hate all humans with penises. Some of my closest friends are male. I can even acknowledge seeing an attractive man. But do I want to have sex with him? No. And being a lesbian means just that. Lesbians are fine working with and even befriending men. We just don't want you guys in our beds.

    #2 Lesbians just haven't the one

    Not every lesbian is a gold-star. Meaning some lesbians have never slept with a man, but some have. Just like some people are only attracted to blondes, some women are only attracted to women. I like to explain it like this, the worst sexual experience I had with a woman was still better than the best sexual experience I had with a man.

    #3 Why do you use toys then?

    Toys spice up every relationship. They add something new and fun. There are lots of lesbians that don't like or use toys. There are many positions that don't require toys, not just limited to cunnilingus and scissoring! And yes, some lesbians do scissor.

    #4 Lesbians wish they were men

    Some lesbians have more masculine traits. Do they want to transition to the opposite sex? Not all the time. Lesbians are women that like other women. While transgender people are individuals born biologically into one body, but feeling as if another sex fits them. Not all lesbians identify as trans*, but some do.

    #5 All lesbians are feminist

    Not all feminists are lesbians. And not all lesbians are feminists! We honestly aren't that different. There isn't a list of attributes all straight women must abide by, and the same applies to lesbians. We're all different. There are women that are anti-feminist, as there lesbians that are the same. We're not all bra burning. Lesbians are against bras for a very different reason.

    #6 There's gotta be a butch

    Lesbian relationships are just that. A relationship between two lesbians. If one was the man, it'd be a heterosexual relationship. Although some lesbians have a more masculine appearance, it does not mean they adhere to all masculine traits. In some straight couples, the woman works while the man stays at home. It doesn't make him any more the woman in the relationship than it makes her the man.

    #7 I can spot a lesbian!

    We don't come with tags. And throughout different countries and cultures, styles are different. Not all lesbians wear plaid and look like lumberjacks. Not all of us have short pixie cuts. I've mentioned that lesbians have a plethora of personalities, and the same applies to looks. Because of this, some lesbians have to come out repeatedly. I've come out to other lesbians and gotten looks of shock.

    #8 Lesbians choose their sexuality.

    It's unnatural. Did you know many species of animals, in nature and in captivity, engage in homosexual pairings. The Bonobo chimpanzee, the species most biologically similar to humans, are almost exclusively bisexual in nature and captivity. Bottlenose dolphins have homosexual relationships and sex, often in pairs for life. If it can develop in animals, naturally, why is it so incomprehensible that it can also be natural with us?

    #9 Lesbians 'like' every woman

    Again, just like every straight man isn't attracted to every woman, every lesbian isn't attracted to every woman. Everyone has types and interests. Don't fear ladies! If lesbian starts a conversation with you, it's not guaranteed to end with her hitting on you. We don't want to recruit you. I don't plan on hazing any straight women into the lesbian society.

    #10 Lesbians don't have 'real' sex!

    You can have sex without a penis. Think of it this way, when women masturbate, they aren't using penises. But it's still considered sex. And if they are using toys, it's still sex without a penis! Dildos are not replacements for penises.

    This is the second in a series of posts from GetLusty staff writer Milan Weasley.

    Milan Weasley is one of our first lesbian writers. (Ah! Dykes and dildos!) She spends her days procrastinating grad school and her nights procrastinating everything else. She enjoys writing, gogo dancing, sewing, pole dancing, and defending the Oxford comma.

    Questions, comments or article ideas? Get in touch with Milan at
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