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Try This! The Sexiest Arch

    We all know about the power of the arch. If you go around the world, apparently, and ask for those golden arches, there's a myth everyone knows about them. OK, we're not talking about those arches. We're talking about sex--thank goodness.

    How to get into it

    This position is a favorite because it makes your partner work for it. All while being very hot. Especially for you!

    Benefits for the giver
    • Have you been sitting in your office chair all day thinking, "Damn, when am I going to exercise?" Yes. Now is the time. 
    • When was the last time you got into this arched position? Yes, those are your abs. Use them to please your partner and pleasure will ensue. 
    • While you're thinking about pleasing your mate, how about asking what else would result in pleasure. Fringe benefit: giving more pleasure!
    • Can you do this one with one arm? That will earn extra brownie & hotness points. But do watch out and stretch after. 
    Benefits for the receiver
    • Check out your partner's body one more time. Yes, this position is pretty hot.
    • Have you told your mate lately how attracted you are? Flattery will get the garbage taken out -- one of the hottest things in my book.
    • Grab your mate's neck or shoulders and ride cowgirl, yee haw!
    • Are you sitting up straight? Rub your clit as fast or slow as you'd like. Make sure to wet your finger with lube or spit before rubbing, though. You can't have too much lube!
    We have a whole range of positions! Check out our full catalog of sex positions.

    Our other sex position favs:
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