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Prostate Milking 101 for Couples

    Just because Anal August grinds to a close, here at Get Lusty we're hoping you're just getting started with your anal adventures.

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    Well, rev up your engines, lovers, here comes an ultimate move that'll send your male partner through the roof. Prostate milking, or massage, is basically a combo breaker. Sure, fellatio, tea-bagging, licking, fondling all feel pretty amazing to the main attractions. However, the prostate, tucked behind the penis, nestled up to the anus wall, is quite in charge of every male's sexual response.

    Biology Quickie

    Although essential for ejaculation, the prostate is often not held aloft as the important sexual organ it is. Often this gem is only probed in the cold sterility of a doctor's latexed fingers. Nay I say! In fact, some men can reach orgasm through prostate massage alone!

    When the penis engorges during arousal, the prostate is more easily massaged through the perineum or, even better, through the anterior anal wall. Usually more the more stimulation to the prostate, the more seminal fluid (a.k.a. pre-cum) is released, upping the sexual ante. Hence the “milking” aspect.

    Now, if that doesn't convince your guy, surely these next few moves will.

    Slow it down

    Try slowly making your way to the anus via the usual suspects. Have him lay on his back, legs gently spread. Begin with some teasing fellatio to prime the pump, then work with your hands slowly from fondling his balls to wandering about his perenium (a map is included in that analingus article) that lovely space between his scrotum and anus. About midway back, you should feel a small knob of muscles. Bingo! Keep the pressure slow and steady at first. Though the pressure alone can be pleasurable, pairing massage with fellatio or a handy can be an awesome mix.

    Lube it up

    If you and your partner are a-ok, move on town to anal town. If you have a favorite or most trusted brand of lube, get 'em ready. Since the anus is not truly a self-lubricating orifice, you gotta be gentle and glide-friendly.

    What I've used and works is a warming lubricant. The anus is rife with sensitive tissue which can work for and against you. Warming lube is definitely a pro, especially in working up to digital insertion. Rubbing the lube from his testes, across his taint, and around the outside of his anus could work as excellent foreplay. The lube then acts as lubrication as well as massage perk.

    Cover your bases

    Here is where an extra condom, dental dam, or even a latex glove (if your partner's not too scared by past medical visits) will come in mighty handy.

    While your lube (if used generously and properly used) should aid in your gliding needs, this extra coverage will not only protect your finger(s) or toys from your partner's bacteria, as well as keep his anal tissue safe from possible scratches, tears, or outside bacteria from your hands. Even a simple trimming of fingernails can help immensely in this department. Though your man may like it rough, you can't be careful enough about anal fissures and tears.

    Insert coins to begin

    Now the event especial. Covered by your latex of choice (I prefer a lubricated, ribbed Trojan), gently insert either your index or middle finger into his anus. Though you can do palm down, palm up comes highly recommended, as your finger, when curled, can directly rub the prostate. This little lump of pleasure is located about an inch into the rectum. Once located, begin a a slow rhythm. He'll definite respond, especially if combined with fellatio. Speed up to his standards or slow down for a tease, or better BOTH, because orgasm will definitely be one of the best he's ever had.

    Major plus worth trying: two fingers, to alternate the rhythm and add double the stimulation.

    Challenge round

    Once you're both on par with manual prostate milking, a lovely way to spice up the massage is to gently insert a small vibrator (yes, ladies, males get their own vibrators, too!) or even dildo during regular intercourse to add that extra pressure to his prostate. I'm extremely sure, if done right, this will become a regular staple (or a teasing treat) of your boudoir bounty!

    This is a guest post by GetLusty writer, Ellen Dukes. Though Ellen Dukes is not an ethical slut (a damn respectable title, she'll have you know), her curiosity, openness, and the indefatigable search engine Google is have lead her to a 21st century sex education.

    A Chicagoan, you may see Ellen enjoying the delights of her deeply loving relationship with her boyfriend. Have a naughty story? She's heard naughtier, but tell her all the same at She's a wannabe sexpert with years of porn viewing, listening to sex stories, and textbook browsing just waiting to put this knowledge to wonderful use.

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