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Burning Man: Where I Got Married Naked

    Burning Man is the festival of festivals. You could walk around all day and still only cover a small portion of its extensive, intricate art pieces.


    Created by an all-volunteer-army, dedicated to art and beauty, it's one of the best experiences I had. Ever. And this week, we won't attend Burning Man.

    I wanted to share a quick story about getting married naked at Burning Man. Because I haven't been able to tell many people about my experience. Until now.

    In August 2010, I left for San Francisco with my then fiancee. We left for Burning Man not quite sure what to think.

    After hours of driving in an RV full of our friends, we entered Gerlach, Nevada. We purchased bicycles, asking nicely before we picked them up if one could be affixed with a dildo. "No," the shop noted without hesitation, "But we can do that next time if you give us some more time."

    We got to the gate and there was a 4 hour wait in a line of cars. No matter--dressed up freaks like ourselves started putting on make-up and costumes. Just dancing next to our cars. Almost licking the alkaline dust. Even the newbies.

    Ingesting that dust would later make me sick to my stomach. After arriving, we set up with the other folks at the Whiskey & Whores camp.

    Within the hour, we ran away to look for sex camps to get wild in. Throughout, we managed to attend a Beaver Eating Contest, Tea Bagging Contest (paired only against gay men I managed to win the best teabagger with my husband!) and other craziness.

    Almost all of it naked. It was enough to make the regular newbie high on love.

    Day #4, I got sick. Horribly sick with vomit and other sickness. Set to wed the day after, I stood my ground. I was going to get married, damn it! In the Naked Tiki bar of all places. Since my husband is a former devout Methodist, he felt it was sacrilegious to get married in the, "Temple." Which, I understand.

    With an intimate group of 20 friends, we had a little ceremony. The temperature was around 100 degrees. There wasn't much shade and being naked was killer. But we recited our vows dutifully and beautifully. The entire atmosphere was full of love and adoration.

    Like other weddings, though it was full of stress, the love overruled anything else. After the ceremony, there were so many activities to celebrate. It was the most wonderful place to be married. Everyone--friends and mere acquaintances, would laugh and celebrate with us. Enjoy our wedding day together with us.

    I remember that day often. But as much because this week is Burning Man and it's our 2 year anniversary being married! And it only gets better. Marriage should only get better!

    What is YOUR marriage story? We'd love to feature the story about how you either got married or how you met your significant other. 

    This is post by Erica Grigg, our Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, social entrepreneur and sex geek. She wants to change the world.

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