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10 Touches to Drive Your Lady Wild

    We've heard from several readers that ladies feel pressured to instigate change in our relationships. As great modern relationships are seeing, love is a two-way street. The lesson? Men also need to work to please their ladies. That's why we're going to continue offering ideas and recommendations for ladies and gents alike. This one is targeted toward the gents. However, ladies, read this! You should know how to tell your man what turns you on. This post from our guest writer, Jean-Luc Gothos.

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    The largest organ on the human body is our skin. Our bodies are made of billions upon billions of nerves.

    If you want to really impress a woman; make her orgasm without ever touching any of the obvious places, like her breasts or pussy, then you’ve got to read this article! I’ve made more than one woman quiver in pleasure with just a kiss, or nibble on her ear lobes. It takes an expert to make a woman orgasm with a simple touch or kiss.

    There is more that just the clit or g-spot that can make a woman scream your name like a cheerleader in a horror movie. If done correctly, any of the next 10 spots will be having her beg like Oliver Twist for porridge.

    #10 The back of the knees are very sensitive to touch. A light graze and you will have her giggling like a math student on Pi Day.

    #9 The back is the largest and smoothest part of the body. It can be used to tease and please, and to enhance already raging hormones. A feather or a cat o’ nine will work to the same effect on her and have her wiggling and squirming for release.

    #8 The earlobe can be very effective in both teasing her to knees or making her beg for your cock like a virgin on prom night after a fifth of Jack. The bonus here is that you can whisper dirty nothings into her ear while you gentle suck and nibble on her ears.

    #7 Ass play isn’t just for the guys, a good portion of women enjoy ass play just as much as men do. In some cases even more so. Some light anilingus might be the right kind of spice that will get you an all night pass to some awesome sex.

    #6 A full body massage will help set the mood and help to make the tough day at work disappear. By relaxing the body it will make it even easier to please and tease the rest of her body to mind blowing orgasms.

    #5 Women aren’t always visually stimulated, so it’s a good idea to be ready to stimulate her mind and get her thinking about all the good times about to be had by the both of you. During the day send her sexy text messages that will keep her mind turning and thinking about you. Keep in mind that sending a picture of your cock, won’t be the best move here. Use words to keep her mind turning. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Twilight Grey is a New York Times Best Seller.

    #4 It’s said that a kiss is worth a thousand words, or is that a picture? Either way, if you do it right, you can kiss your way right into her bed. A kiss is a beginning of passion and pleasure, it’s a way to convey your want and lust all in a simple action. A kiss can be romantic, or it can be rough and brutal. If it’s done right, and everyone is in the right frame of mind, you can make your woman orgasm with a kiss.

    #3 Eyes are the windows to the soul, or in this case, way to communicate your want and need to your partner. A deep gaze into each others eyes can get the engines started and the fire roaring. Being connected to your partner will be important here.

    #2 The clit (button, rose bud) by any other name is still the clit. It takes effort to use the clit right. It’s more than just running your tongue over it like a melting ice cream cone. You have to really want to be there, and your woman will noticed the effort you put out for her. Which usually gets returned in the act of an awesome cock sucking.

    #1 Her breasts are the the gateway to endless pleasure. Whether you’re just into sucking and nibbling on them or nipple clamps are always on standby. A womans' breasts can produce an array of different kinds of pleasure and enjoyment. Take this chance to ask her how she enjoys her nipples sucked and her breasts kissed. Use your imagination and put effort into your actions!

    There you have it, 10 ways you can use to help maximize and enhance your partners enjoyment in bed, in the kitchen, in the janitor's closet at work, or even the back supply room at Radio Shack. That last one might just be me... and remember to Get Lusty!

    Jean-Luc Gothos is our resident pansexual geek. He's founder on Mindchaotica. He is also very active on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Tumblr. I’m also a writer for Life On The Swingset, Kink~E Magazine, and he also reviews sex toys on EdenFantasys and writes for their sex positive online publication SexIs Social.

    Please feel free to leave a comment and add to the list!
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