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Kristina Milan - Allure Of A Champ In The Bath Room

Have shower videos gone out of fashion? Well, at least my recent posts with popular models sparked less interest than usual. But this one should be different. As you surely know, Cel from XX-Cel has been to the Dominican Republic, shooting favorites like Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del. This just released shower video with Kristina, it's her 4th video, besides 3 photo sets so far, is something special. She is definitely a bigger girl since her pregnancy. Her boobs look absolutely huge. Cel captured her up from the point when the gets the towel off, checks herself in the mirror, all through the shower (from different camera positions) and off the shower, drying herself, with the camera following her in a rather restrained way. Voyeur style baby, in the hottest way! And Kristina Milan… so much has been said about her. Forget most of that, she is a TOTAL babe! Let's just say: she has matured (she is 26 now) in the best way. She looks serious, she shows her sweetest smile, her playfulness shows up when she jiggles her huge boobs or soaps her beaver. She looks so real like we've hardly seen her before - and with a natural grace, it's too good to be true. She comes across  as the most tremendous champ, but looks so natural as if she is just taking a shower for real, without knowing that a camera is following her. I think we've never seen a hotter Kristina Milan than in this shower release from XX-Cel. More screen captures:


Angela en bas noirs sur le lit

Lesbiennes en bas

Natalia Forrest en culotte rouge

Vintage hairy pussy

Asian Chick With Shaved Pussy And Wearing Sexy Lingerie Get Fuck Every Which Way


Wow, this set look like it was a lot of fun to make... The chick must be the best girlfriend a at home amateur wannabe photographer could ever wish for in his dreams. She effortlessly spread it and take a ass pounding. And her ensemble look mighty fine and sexy in every position too. Also, why in the sex photos we see from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China the people remove the sheets from the bed before fucking? And then precede to fuck on the bare mattress like they are protecting the sheets? The propose of the sheet is to protect the mattress... Especially when you are vaginally and anally fucking some chick raw dog on the bed. Just think about it, much easier to replace or clean the sheets than trying to clean the mattress or even replacing one. Anyway, this chick got open up and fucked every which way so take a look. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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