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Renee Ross - Returns As A Nurse. And Speaks About Another Return

    She came out of nowhere… and made it to the top. Renee Ross apparently applied directly to the ScoreGroup - they couldn't believe their eyes, i suppose, and got her to their studios and locations for a ton of work in a relatively short time. All that is well documented on the various Score sites. And most prominently probably on the feature releases All The Way Renee and K-Jugs. Renee Ross has those most amazing 40J boobs, is tremendously curvy all over and has this gorgeous face, making many guys see her as a girl they'd marry in a heartbeat. Renee Ross didn't shoot any content for other companies, as well as not shooting new content for the ScoreGroup for a while now. Consequently she stopped talking on Twitter about a year ago.

    But now she is back! Renee has started to become quite active on Twitter again, still talking in this nice tone. Where she said this particularly relevant thing: Maybe i'll make a cum back!!! ;) Okay, this is just a consideration so far, no contracts have been signed. But totally rule out that Score would turn her down. Renee Ross, as DJs would say, is a 100% sure shot. OTOH, her future work might need a few extra considerations. I mean, due to the dynamics of biz, it will be hard to repeat the success of the older releases. While, due to her unique standing, you can't get Renee to the studio and just shoot some random/generic content with her, a batch of solo, girl/girl and boy/girl hardcore stuff. I hope something will be worked out that makes a shining use of her unique charms and qualities, whatever it will be in the end.

    Renee is also back with a new update. Good Nurse Renee is a 53 pix image set released on Scoreland, her 13th for this site. 17 image sets (with some overlap) are on XLGirls btw. For the various videos, you have to check the model directories down in my links section. Obviously not shot recently, but released for the first time. And super sexy! *Nurse* is probably the most often used theme, yet, looking at Renee very likely makes you think Oh boy!! She fills this costume out majestically: so curvy, so sexy, what a pleasure! Apparent again also, not only because of the title, Renee has a substantial good girl vibe. Even when she does hardcore - i mean not for one second does she look shy, hesitant or "better-than-that" then, at the same time though she keeps a vibe of genuine decency. Like if she were your neighbor, you'd gave her the keys to your apartment when leaving for a while. An amazing appeal actually.


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