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Issy (Dominican Poison) - More News Of A Busy Girl

    Hahaha! Two updates about the same model in succession! I've never done that before, and it won't come again anytime soon. But i love breaking my own habits ;) Truth is that last night, when i did her webmodeling updates, i was so blown away by Dominican Poison (Issy), so that i didn't even think of her other current activities. 

    Here's her other news now. Well, first not news, a reminder of the place where you can see her almost every day, refreshed and in motion - Dominican Poison on cam! Issy's first free video for WorldStarHipHop has become super popular. People certainly had been asking for more. Now here is another one: On New Year's Eve they've issued Mizz Issy In Dominican Republic, a new, almost 5 mins long, free video. 

    This is the only professional production attempt besides Issy's work for Daktari Lorenz, so how do they work in comparison? The WSHH clip is mainly softPORN, focusing totally on her body, in upfront shots, using dramatic angles and applying lots of smoothening and crisp light effects. Her expressions for the most part just serve as decoration for the predominating impression: seeing a *gorgeous porn girl*. In other words, it's a bigtime orchestration of her super curviness, spiced up with lasciveness, while her portrayal as a character remains very generic - of course done very professionally, with maximum dedication regarding the camera and the editing work. It becomes obvious that Daktari Lorenz, as how he features Issy on the sites of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba, follows a different approach. He gets dramatic shots of her curves too, but without the unreal effects, and by coupling them with her expressivity. Thus we're getting all these subtleties making her so adorable, cute, sexy and real. It's interesting to see what different producers can do. And up to your personal taste what you like more. But i think the more personal and less generic approach is the one that works better for her in the long run, just because it is less predictable. Without saying that Daktari's approach is the way to do things. Will she do more webmodel work, and probably have a site with her as the main model? We'll have to wait and see! A couple of screen shots from the WSHH video:


    As the other great news Dominican Poison aka Issy has become very active on social networks. She is on Facebook and Twitter, posting personal images and replying to many comments (in English and Spanish). And she doesn't just "Hi sexy people". She talks in a sweet and quite personal way, with checking back almost every day. Very kool. Also she just started a new site which, as it looks for now, is to become her blog. Another place to watch!

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